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Monica - posted on 10/07/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I have a 3 1/2 month old baby boy. I've been home with him since he was born and plan on keeping it that way. His dad just started a truck driving job and is gone for about 2 weeks at a time. I get super lonely (not that I don't LOVE my babies company, its just nice to be around adults sometimes) I live in a very small town with little to do. Any suggestions/advice for a new mom?

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Chelsea - posted on 09/17/2012




There are subscriptions for all sorts of magazines on amazon for like 5$ or 10$

I just signed up for better homes and Elle magazine to help keep my sanity!

Also Making your baby a scrapbook would be rewarding

I was just reading someone recommended to plan out my week and make a list of all the things I liked doing before I had my baby and do one a day when the baby is content with his toys lr napping. But you gotta do things for yourself or you will loose your sanity I'm almost there haha I'm in the same boat as you.

Rachel - posted on 10/08/2010




Hi Monica. I saw in your profile you live in WI. I do also, maybe we live close?
I'm also a newer SAHM (my boy is 4 1/2 months), so I'd be up for meeting some others in the area. I just moved back to WI a couple months ago and am new to the area.
If you want, send me a PM with your location and if it's close, maybe we could get together, or find a play group or something.
Good luck!

Jane - posted on 10/08/2010




look at the churches and libraries or YMCA or WIC office for a SAHM mom group or to start one thru those places. it does a world of good for moms and the kids get to make friends.

Christy - posted on 10/08/2010




Ususally free or cheap, join a mom's club near your town, or start one, go to to get more info and see if there's a chapter in your area. If not you can start one there, just have to follow the protocol. They have play groups, mother's night out, family night out, etc. Great way to make friends.

Erica - posted on 10/07/2010




Hello Monica! Being a SAHM is tough sometimes but as you know totally worth it!. I live in a small town as well, and my husband isn't gone quite as much as yours but I'm lonely alot. Why not check with your local library and find out if they have a baby story time (in most cases it's free) and try taking your son to that. My daughter loves it! (even at 4 months) Check with local churches and see if they have a mops group. (Mother's of Preschoolers - which is a group for moms with kids preschool age and younger) get a group of women together with children the same age and let them all "play" together while you mom's get to have adult conversation!!! Hope this helps!

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