new to staying at home... shopping to much,

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I'm a new to the stay at home mom thing. I have worked full time (6 days a week) up till January of this year. My oldest son who is 3 years is in preschool all day so it's just me and my 10 month old daughter home all day. I'm still the main wage earner in the house thanks to unemployment. My question is of course besides all the house and kid stuff ( that is a lot more work staying home than I thought it would be) what does everyone do to keep busy? I volunteer a few hours a week, but I find I'm mostly shopping and I'm buying stuff we will never use or need. also I'm always taking my kids out here there and everywhere we've done children's and science museums, zoo's, chuckie chesse a few times it's all really starting to add up . I'm looking for ideas on what else to do with all my new free time. And how to stop shopping so much


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being outside is great for the kids and for YOU! be healthy (body, mentally, and financially)! Look for library programs, swim, hike, walk and make these fun learning experiences - collect leaves and sticks or look for bugs and birds. "teach" them at home with a reading time, art time, cooking time. Wow there are sooo many things - just use your noggin' ;) I am a SAHM to a three year old and have been actually, since I was 4 wks preggers. I support my husband by cooking, cleaning, and making our home fun, happy, clean and always having good eats - since he works sometimes from 7am until 5pm and three to 4 days until 7pm. Be creative - but stay out of the malls - what will your kids learn from that? And if you are the main breadwinner from an unemployment check, you really should be stashing that $$! And saving for an awesome vacation/remodel/car/private school/whatever will be so worth it one day! You can stop the shopping IF you want to and you can find wonderful alternatives for you & the kiddos!!!

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Where I live, the town library has some wonderful programs for children. They have storytimes, playrooms, toys, etc., and obviously, it's all free! It's definitely worth checking out what your local library has to offer.

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I'm in the same boat! I've reached out to my son's preschool for extra activities that they sponsor. Also religious locations can be a great outlet. Parks are our favorite way to spend a lazy hot afternoon. No malls for me!
Best of luck!

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What does your ten month old enjoy? Park? Do you have a community center for pregnant ladies, and/ or moms and their children? Mother goose? Not sure where you're from, but that's what I do to keep my son and I busy.

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I started going to the gym. They have a day care centre in it, so I'm able to get at least an hour or so to myself. Mostly I just go for a walk or scrapbook, or play on the computer in the down time, while the baby is awake during the day there isn't much time to do anything...

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