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I am going to have a boy and his name will be Henry George the 5th...I'm trying to think of a nickname for him but my husband and I can't agree on one. I think we should just call him Henry but my husband doesn't like that (it's his grandpa's name). His dad goes by Hank so that's out. My husband goes by Chip. And neither of us like George. Any suggestions??


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Rachel - posted on 02/01/2010




A friend of mine named her son ran in the family on his side so their son is Phillip the third. They didnt want to call him Phil or Phillip so they decided to start calling him "Trace" since he was the third. lol, might not work as well for you unless you're comfortable referring to your son as "Cinco" but maybe theres another language you could try? Good luck!

Jennifer - posted on 02/01/2010




I had a friend who's husband's family always passed down a name. Theirs was Richard, and the gandpa was called Rick and the father Ricky, so the just called the baby, little Ricky. Also, you never know when you will make up your own nickname after he is born. My son ended up being a 10lb 3oz baby, and when they came in to do the birth ceritficate, the lady said he was a moose, so he got the nickname moose. Also, his name is Garrett, and one day I just said Gare Bear (sounds like care bear), so I call him that a lot too.

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If your husband doesn't want to call him Henry then why name him that? Was he close to his Grandfather? If yes and he's not around anymore i say it's a great way to remember him. why not wait and see him then you'll know what to go with thats what I did. My oldest is Goober my youngest Tigger

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