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Since Halloween, my 4 year old daughter, has been having nightmares of monsters and dragons. Any suggestions on how to help her through them and for us to get sleep again? We already use 2 nightlights in her room.

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Hope - posted on 04/13/2011




Call a church leader or pastor to pray for/over your little one. My son was having night mares and waking up crying and frantically looking about the room when I went into his room to comfort him. Every night my husband and I pray for God to protect him and give him sweet dreams, ever since we started that, my son has not had bad dreams or woke up crying and scared.

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try something protective such as a "watchdog" stuffed animal, or monster spray (water in a spray bottle that she can spray at night and keep by the bed. (it works like bug spray.) kids aren't able to tell real from imaginary at that age, so in her mind they're real, so you just have to kill them or find something they're afraid of to keep them away. ;) good luck.

Dawn - posted on 01/11/2009




our daughter went through a phase of being afraid of monsters...not from halloween cause we don't celebrate it but from a show that was on noggin. we just started telling her that the monsters were happy monsters that wanted to play. they looked scary but were really nice and they wouldn't hurt her. it took a few nights of my hubby having to sit in her room with her until she fell asleep but that seemed to do the she loves talking about ghosts and monsters and how they are her 'friends'. i hope this helps. unfortunatly in this society people love to make scary things...even the kids shows in october are kinda scary for a toddler...but if you just try and laugh it off and make it fun it should get better. good luck.

Liz - posted on 01/11/2009




I have always had chronic night mares so when my oldest son started having them (ithink the all go thru it at onepoint.). i started telling him silly stories at night and i even got a book called "There Are Monsters Everywhere" by Mercer Mayer and its abut a little boy who Absolutely is positve monsters exist. and the parents took him to Karate classes and he would do his kick's and punches in the shower and what not. and now he's not afraid of monsters. a realy good book.

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