nine month old and crying

Sarah - posted on 10/08/2009 ( 7 moms have responded )




i have a nine month old boy with his front top 4 teeth through and his bottom front 2 front through, which he sailed through...hes now started wakeing 2 , 3, 4 times in the night, hes now awkward to put to bed even with his usual routine,hes wingeing alot more in the day and night and his hands are in his mouth or he grinds his teeth... whats wrong with him??? cant see any sign of more teeth..???


Amanda - posted on 10/08/2009




theres nothing wrong with him. hes teething. and sometimes he can feel the discomfort of teething long before anymore teeth are visible to you. i did lots of different things to keep my daughter comfortable. teething rings are always great, especially when you're out. they have babyorajel, which a lot of people swear by. my daughter hated it so im not sure, its worth a try tho. also gerber has these cookies called "biter biscuits". they love those. they get to bite on the pain for the teething pain and get a nice snack too! also i sometimes would give my daughter a popsicle. The popsicle brand has ones called "mighty minis" slow melt. they are really small, perfect size for baby. of course he will need to be supervised while having pops or cookies. but if he seems really uncomfortable its worth a try. and also at night i use baby tylenol. I try to only use it if shes having a really bad night because i dont want her to become immune to it. but it doesnt hurt to use it now and then for teething relief. it helps them sleep. good luck! =)


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Aniesha - posted on 10/10/2009




It could still be the teeth. My bub is nearly 10 months old, & we went through the exact same thing for a couple of weeks, then at the end of it, he got the other 2 bottom ones. Sometimes u can't see or feel anything on their gums, but they're moving under the surface (at least that's what my Mum told me). I'd still treat him as if he were teething. Brauer's Teething Relief, & if it gets really bad, some children's panadol. Poor bub (and mummy & daddy!) good luck

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I have read that they do not need to feed at night at this age but mine does twice a night at 10 months. It's really up to you if you want to continue feeding him at night or letting him cry it out. Just make sure he eats enough during the day. I had to resort to it to get him down to only waking twice a night which is a big improvement from where he was. I don't think it's wrong to ignore the cries, but it's hard at first, for baby and Mom. I had to stop responding to his cries except twice a night b/c picking him up or putting his pacifier back in mouth, or patting him caused more crying.

I think my baby gets bored sometimes since it's just me and him all day. I try to get out side with him for a stroller ride even if it's for a short time or spread out errands over a few days just to do something different for him and me.

Sarah - posted on 10/08/2009




Thanks all for your suggestions, Alfie has bonjela, teething rings and bikkipegs....all are good and well, but it seems like hes a changed baby all of a sudden.He did sleep through, he used to be such a content baby. Now he winges when im not insight, or when i walk past him and he's playing.

He has a sleep routine which we've stuck by for months. Bath 6-6.30. Ready for bed in dark, bottle at bedside in dark, wind, bed with blanket over him..

Up until about a moth ago he was in Grobags with just long sleeve hes in short sleeved vest and sleep suit with blanket.

Does he need a feed in the night at this age? if i was to ignore his cries in the night would that be wrong? to try and get him to self sooth as i usually go in and pick him up and try and give him a bottle and sometimes he'll take it and sometimes he wont and just wants his dummy??? you wouldnt think i have a 6 yr old also, but ive forgotten what to do in these situations.

He just sems to have changed over night and i dont really know what to do....also my hubby works so im at home with Alfie all day and dont tend to go to groups so its just me and him..could he be bored? so many questions to ask but dont want to bore you with them! .

Beth - posted on 10/08/2009




Well he is more than likely cutting more teeth and those ones maybe the tougher ones coming through,plus he may also be going through a growth spurts and some children actually do feel "growing pains" and it can be very uncomfortable for them.

All I can suggest is that you try and make him as comfortable as possible.Get some teething gels and even maybe give him cold wet cloths to suck on (I do that for my grandson who is almost 10 mnths old).

Good luck hun.You and your son will get through this.

Elmarie - posted on 10/08/2009




The thing about babies when they go through their teething stage is that they will be irritated and grumpy. You will have to still give your baby a teething ring, it could be that other teeth might be coming through, or just try some Prodol on the gums where no teeth are in sight yet. You must try teach your baby that you are the boss, and that sleeping time is sleeping time. Try give your baby a bath around half past 6 or 7pm.. Then play with him a bit, till you see your baby is rubbing his eyes and yawning alot. Try put him to bed latest 9pm. Give him his bottle (if you bottle feed), cover him up, rub his head a little to calm down nicely and switch off the light and leave the room. Never run to your baby if he's crying, go check what is wrong but don't pick him up. That will allow him to dominate you to keep him in the arms, and he won't go back to sleep. Let him cry it out a bot, unless it's really serious. He'll soon learn that you're in control and not him.. The teeth grinding is quite normal, as my toddles did the same, when he does that, just give him something to bite on, instead of grinding his teeth. For them it';s something new to have all these teeth in their mouths, so they end up grinding their teeth. But rather give him a teething ring or biscuit to bite on. And also tell him not to do so, as little as they are, they do understand what you say to them..

Good luck with your little one. And don't worry, nothing is wrong with him.. this is all normal with babies teething.. :-)

Mabel - posted on 10/08/2009




Sorry i just saw the full post, have u tried Bonjela for rubbing on his gums? its cooling & refreshing & suitable for babys 4mths & above..

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