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Amanda - posted on 12/22/2012 ( 2 moms have responded )




I am 30yrs old and my husband is 39yrs old and we have been married for 6yrs now, Ever since I bought him a play station 3 a couple of yrs ago and he got the Black Ops game he is always online playing it with his friend from work and other people everyday he is on that thing and if it is not that, he is fishing with his friend or golfing with his friend and what hurts is he is always choosing his games, golfing, fishing and friends over me and our children.. Yes he works but he gets 3 days off one week and 4 days off the net week it is always like that in a rotation but me I am working all the time 6 days a week only 1 day off a week. I have to ask him numerous of times to take the trash out he doesnt do that I end up doing it, I clean house on my only day off and I mow the lawn too, He is even on the game when I am at work and I come home to find that he never cleans house or anything and I have to always change my daughters diaper when I get home because I can tell she has been sitting in the same diaper for a couple of hours I feel like he doesnt care and feel like I cant trust him to care for our children when I am at work because he is on the game from the time he is up till he goes to bed and he gets mad at the game and curses and I have asked him numerous of times to watch his language because of our children and he takes the anger out on me by snapping at me and now we rarely ever have sex anymore because he is always on his game by the time he gets off his game I am already in bed asleep because it is like 2 - 4am I got tired of waiting up for him.. He rarely ever kisses me anymore he would go days without telling me that he loves me and when I am off he expects me to do everything for him like there are times that it is cold and snow out he refuses to get off his game to go to the store and get him a soda and or etc I have to go out and do it for him.. Any help and or suggestions of why he is like this? Because remind you he is 39yrs old and I am 30yrs old and I am obviously the mature one here..


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My husband went through a phase like that. I asked him very nicely several times to cut back on his game playing time, and he would cut back for a couple days, then he was right back to it. So one day, after he went to work, I unhooked the Playstation, packed it in a box with all the games, and sold it to GameStop. Then I spent the money I made off of it on our son.

He was ticked, but he wasn't playing the game all the time anymore. Eventually, He got another one, but the rule in our home is that he plays ONLY after our son is in bed, and for no more than 2 hours at a time. Some nights I let him stay up longer, but if I want sex, he gets 2 hours and that's it. He's not whipped, don't get the wrong idea--he can be very stubborn and strong willed--but he recognizes that he needs these rules in place to keep him from getting so pulled into the game that he shirks his real life responsibilities. Talking to him about it just wasn't enough, but actually losing the game completely and the possibility of losing it all again is enough to make an impact and actually affect his actions.

Michelle - posted on 12/22/2012




I would be tempted to hide it so he can't play it, even take it to work with you so he HAS to look after the children instead.

If he moans and asks where it is treat him like the teenager he is and tell him he has to do his chores before he gets to play games. Let him know that he is an adult and has responsibilities and that since you gave him the PS3, you can take it away if he can't do what's needed to be done first.

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