No longer a sahm :(

Maria - posted on 05/20/2011 ( 5 moms have responded )




I LOVED staying home with my babies but as my relationship teeters with their father I have to go back to school to start on a career to fall back on when the inevitable break up comes. I'm trying to go into radiological technology. I'm so bummed to be leaving my babies to start school and eventually work FT. :( tear


Christy - posted on 05/22/2011




My husband and I have been at the teetering point. MY DH found a marriage program that is truly amazing and saved our marriage. We bought books written by Dr. Willard Harley, who is a marriage counselor. The two books I highly recommend are "His Needs, Her Needs for Parents" and "Love Busters." If needed, he also has a book titled, "Surviving an Affair."

We spent every Sunday night reading a chapter and discussing it. That week we'd implement what we learned, discuss our progress the next Sunday night and then read the next chapter. Dr. Harley has tons of wonderful information on and if you need it, Dr. Harley has telephone counselors that are amazing, though very expensive.

Doing the program through the books worked for us because we were willing to try it. Marriage will never be easy, and it takes work, but it is well worth it!


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Michelle - posted on 05/23/2011




Seriously get some counseling. If you're deciding it's over now then it will end. I'm not saying you shouldn't go back to school. Just that you shouldn't give up on your relationship. It's the father of your children. That's got to be worth some hard work. I hope things work out for you. I would look into how long it's going to take for your degree as said below. If you're really looking to get out of your relationship you might want to make sure you're committing to something in which the timeline to finish works. Good luck to you.

Brianna - posted on 05/23/2011




im starting to feel like maybe i should go back to school or work because my marriage isnt going well either..

Kimber - posted on 05/23/2011




AWWE Girley i feel bad for you that would suck something
kind of bad,so i really hate that for you! But iam sure that you are a strong woman,and all of us strong woman do what we have to do for our Kids,and somehow we get threw whatever it is that we have to get threw,so just keep hanging in there Girl,and iam sure that things will get eaiser for you as time goes by just a little bit anyway (i hope)!!! Hope all of you Ladies have a really great Day today take-Care!

√v^√v^√♥ - posted on 05/23/2011




If you want out of something fast, do you think that career is best? I hear it takes 2 years to get the basic degree, then 2 more years for each machine you have to work on (as I was going to get it before I found out that each machine takes MONTHS on end on top of the 2 year degree to learn) If I were you in your situation I would go for an RN degree, 2 years, simple hard work and you're out making minamum 20 dollars an hour. Also, there's a some 8 month course program to become people who draw blood for a living? My moms friend makes about 15 an hour doing that and she's supported her 2 kids her entire life as a single mom with that job. Just stuff to think about :) I'd want the quick way out if I thought the inevitable doom was coming

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