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Steffni S - posted on 11/25/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




Hello everyone, I have a 17 month old boy who is refusing to eat. All of his favorites are no longer good enough, and there where not that many to begin with. He is very stubborn and I have tried everything from fish to sweet potatoes and NOTHING is working. I am now forced to give him a bottle with formula, he was breast fed until 12 months, so that he can get some form of nutrients. If anyone has any advice I would love some feedback! thank you


Danicia - posted on 11/27/2013




my daughter has gone through phases of refusing to eat (she just hit 2yrs). I may be a mean mom, but I didn't change the menu for her. she was served meals I knew she had enjoyed previously/typical meals in her diet and if she refused to eat them, so be it. I give her one serving of milk with breakfast and water the rest of the day. even if she refuses her food she keeps herself hydrated I've noticed. after skipping a meal, sometimes two, she would eat what was served to her. From what I've read from doctors, babies/toddlers will not let themselves starve. I do not like when she skips meals because I do worry about her nutritional intake but I know if I give in and cater to her pickiness, it'll get worse. if she continuously refuses a specific meal, I will serve it to her twice (like if dinner on Monday was refused, she'll see it again tues dinner) to make sure it's the meal and not her appetite as to why she refused it. we also do not do typical snack foods, if she gets a snack it's fruit or a cheese stick.
could he be teething? I wish you luck!

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