No period but negative tests?

Kelsie - posted on 07/22/2014 ( 2 moms have responded )




I'm so confused and going crazy!
My period was due July 16. It's always right on time to the day. If anything it will be 1-2 days late, never early.
July 15th had some drops of bright red blood throughout the day. This lasted off and on until about Saturday, and one day it even stopped for the whole day. Saturday & Sunday I started getting real thick brown and sometimes watery discharge. I never had any type of flow at all throughout this experience and this is very unusual for me. I experienced implantation bleeding with my first pregnancy, so I can't shake the feeling that I am pregnant even though I keep getting negative HPT results. Today marks 1 week and no regular flow/period, but the spotting has stopped since Sunday.
Any advice or stories and experiences would be greatly appreciated! :)


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Jackie - posted on 09/05/2014




I continued getting negative results until I was 5 MONTHS pregnant. Get a test done in a lab, they are way better. Some women just have low HCG levels, often sign of thyroid malfunction. :)

Teresa - posted on 07/24/2014




Sounds like implantation spotting to me. I went to my gynecologist for my fibroids (I have 4 lemon sized fibroids) and he told me I would start to see signs of menopause ( I was 41). THAT month I had the same thingas you and thought, "Man, he's good." No, I was pregnant. I've been told that false negatives are iffy but positive is positive. GO to your dr.

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