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Jean - posted on 08/01/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




My stepson is ten and he is peeing and pooping in his pants all the time and we know he is doing it on purpose we ask him why and he says he didn't feel like going to the bathroom or he says I was playing my game and I didn't want to pause it so he is peeing on the couches and beds chairs and not just in our home in other peoples homes too I don't know what to do anymore because he don't care and his dad don't try and help


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User - posted on 08/07/2013




You think hes doig it out of attention or something? He is def too old for that and should know better by then. If I were you I would take a good week/ or weekend depending on a work schedule, but stay with him and ban all his games. Id let him play board games or cards with me but no video games or electronics. I wouldnt leave his side, and everytime he did it and I knew it was on purpose I would give him a punishment, as in chores, no tv time, no time on the phone wiht friends, etc. Especially since he is doing this not only at your house, this really is an issue that needs fixed fast. I sure hope that you both get through this quickly, I know it has to be frustrating, but just hang in there and just keep on him and hopefully you can get him to quit

And along with the other post, taking him to the doctor really isnt a bad idea at all. Just to make sure it is medical but if he is doing it on purpose he might not want to let the dr know about it and could get embarrassed from it, causing him to never do it again. Might be learning the hard way but at least you can check medically if hes ok and it wouldnt be a worry

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my son does that to when playing games mostly but hes also adhd and some times he thinks he has time before he really has to go then before he knows it he has gonna and until i tell him hey u smell like you knw but yeah take ALL games, even tv away make him sit on plastic or a towel at home or in a car make sure he knows why your doing this and do take him to the doctor i my self tell my son if it happens at school ill put him in adult pull ups if hes gonna act like a baby then hell wear them also make him clean up after him self and clean ALL the spots that smell like that i do this with my son and he stopped peeing at school ,, and still has trouble with the games but they dont need them im taking them away my self his mind cant do it hope this helps A mommy of two

Rachel - posted on 08/02/2013




He is old enough to know better. Maybe he has something medical going on? I'd bring him in for a doctors visit and let them know what's going on.

Michelle - posted on 08/02/2013




I would be banning him playing games until he stopped. Find his currency and take take it away. He's just being lazy and being only 10 it's going to get worse when he hits his teens. You need to snap him out of it now.
Take charge, YOU are the parent (while he is with you) and YOU make the rules, NOT your stepson.

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