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my husband and i are not anymore only 34 and he is 43, but since we have 4kids..i really feel that he is not like when we are young before and we enjoy alot of things between us..but now we didnt make ourselves to have a privacy because of our childrens. i feel so neglected by him. no time for each other


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Technically you're still both young, especially you! you feel old because that's what kids do, they make us age overnight. I suggest you bring up this concern to your husband, just try not to sound like you are blaming him or nagging. Find a moment when you are both in a good mood and tell him how much you love him and miss having fun, quality time as a couple, then suggest a date when you could both get away (try to figure out who would babysit ahead of time, of course). Also keep in mind that maybe he's also feeling neglected by you, the feeling may be mutual, men tend to reciprocate actions. Sometimes as women, we don't realize how much we neglect our appearance, ladylike manners, and sensuality in general, because we are so focused on the kids, that we forget how to be friends/lovers with our husbands.

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You really need to get out together. Do you have in-laws that can watch them? Or maybe get a babysitter? I can see how that would dampen a relationship.


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So make time for each other. Set a bedtime for the kids, in their own rooms and have time together. Or call a babysitter once a week and go out.

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I agree with Katherine.It's time you need. I have four children as well and I went through something very similar. The only fix is to be with each other and NO TALK of the children. It should be about the two of you to re-connect. He also needs to understand how you are feeling. Talk to him and make sure he understands. No head bobbing just to get out of a real conversation.

Good Luck!

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