Not a good candidate for VBAC...

Ashley - posted on 04/02/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




I am fourteen weeks pregnant and just had an appointment with my OB. I have one son who just turned one. He was frank breech and month early, so I had a c-section. I was hoping for a VBAC this time around, but my OB said because it will have only been eighteen months since my last c-section, and I have never had a vaginal birth, it's not going to happen unless I see a high-risk OB. I love the hospital I go to, and my OB, so I don't want to switch.

My question is, is the recovery for a second c-section quicker than the first? Are there things I can do to help with recovery? My husband will only be able to take off a week. My son will be eighteen months old, and will still need me quite a bit.

Any and all help is appreciated! Thank you!


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Jessica - posted on 04/02/2010




i had a c-section both times the 1st it took me a day and a half to get up the 2nd i was up and walking aganst orders of the doctor within 7hrs.!! and the pain wasnt as bad like u i had my girls 18 months apart and couldn't have one vaganaly. i dont know if it was because i'd been threw it onece already or because i wasnt in labor for 27 hrs like the first round. but it was soooo much easier the 2nd time. i even got out a day early! :)

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i really think it depends upon how much scar tissue you have developed from your last c section, being that its only 18 months i dont think you would have very much. i had a lot of scar tissue, and they had to actually cut my bladder.... in order to get to my uterus... which meant i had to wear a cath bag home!!! and let me tell you.. it was terrible. =( i love my kids more than life.. but after that second one.. i was done! lol

Kim - posted on 04/02/2010




My area does not allow VBACs anymore. I was a candidate and had a miscarrieage by the time I got pregnant again they took that option away. I did have a quicker recovery with my 2nd, mostly because I passed gas right away. I was able to walk around and eat normally which helped so much. With my first I was going to have to stay longer because I wasn't allowed to eat. As it was they let me go home and a few days later finally had a huge poop! where as if you have a vaginal birth you can't go home until you poop, didn't get that!

The only problem I had was I was on pain pills longer (10 days)because of a pulled muscle, not my c-sec. I think it is easier because you know what to expect. If your husband can only take a week off see if it can be once you get home if you have someone to watch your son during the day. That will get you a few extra days.

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