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Brigette - posted on 03/31/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




My daughter is 7 months old & has never been a very good day sleeper & wakes a lot during the night. She is breastfeed & I am starting to think that she isn't getting enough milk. I gave her a bottle yesterday & she had 240ml (approx 8oz I think) if I was to express I would only get half that, I know that expressing doesn't get the same amount as if I was feeding. But since I have bottle feed her for a couple of feeds her sleeps have improved a little bit. I also tried giving her more solids but she hasn't really been interested in more. Anyone got any other suggestions on helping getting better sleeps & should I wean her & carry on with bottle feeds?


Amber - posted on 03/31/2010




my 3 and a half month old had the same problem i was nursing her and then my milk decreased to about 4 ounces from both sides together. then i was feeding her 6 ounces of formula just before i put her to bed and now so sleeps all the way through the night. i have figured out that if you lay the baby down around 9pm they will wake up once to eat and if you feed them 8 ounces just before she goes back to bed she will sleep better. i also have been using a musical snowglobe and playing the music when i lay her down for the night. these things seem to make bedtime better. i hope this helps


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Denese - posted on 03/31/2010




My twin sister is goin thru the exact same thing and i babysit my niece. So we have decided to continue breatsfeading but to supplement when needed. She now sleeps through the night but gets up once to breast feed. I give her formula and pedialyte when she is here if I am out of expressed breast milk. She is doing great and this has eased her sleeping habbits and my sisters mind about breastfeeding. She loves it and did not want to give it up so this was her compromise to feeling like she wasnt making enough. She still continues to pump as often as needed and supplementing feel her belly up. :-) Hope this helps you :-)

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