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I am in the process of potty training my 2 yr old daughter ( she turned 2 in march) and she is doing really well. The only problem is as soon as I put panties or pull ups on her she stops using her potty and just goes in what ever she is wearing. I am just wondering how long it took to get your child ot of diapers completely?


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Ambyr - posted on 05/06/2011




Thanks, I don't use pull ups because your right they are too much like diapers and she was just peeing in them. I try to get her really excited after she goes potty and most of the time it works lol. I am starting to remind her now to use the potty or I will get her to go before she sits down to eat or have a bath or right before bed because I still put a diaper on her at bedtime. It all seems to be working ;)

Conni - posted on 05/02/2011




I am a mom of five, with twins finally potty trained. and i agree with the other post. my girl twin had a harder time with "remembering" to go . but was really excited when she got to pick out her new panities, then try to keep them dry so she could wear them all the time. because she got to pick out her own- max and ruby- she was so proud and happy she did not wan to get them wet. also after every successful potty trip and check for dry panties, she got a star/sticker and as soon as she had 5 days of stars and good potty trips she got to go to the store on a big girl shopping trip to pick out pretty pants or a pretty skirt to show off and keep dry. also i had to accept the fact that my life, and all others in the house, was basically on hold for a few days while we focussed on them and the potty. I also suggest getting rid of all pull ups and diapers because they are just reminders to them that they can go in them. it will be tough and there will be accidents but it is only for a few day s then it will be over. and worth it. they don't like wetting their pants and love to be considered :big Kids" . good luck!!

Charity - posted on 05/02/2011




I potty trained a boy so I know there is going to be differences...but my first tip of advice is they have to be ready and excited to use the potty, if they kick and scream when you try to put them on the potty they are not ready and it won't work, if you have the time and patience my second tip would be to get rid of the pullups at least during the day they are so much like diapers that I think they just confuse the kid and go straight to underpants...also let them pick the underpants it will give them something to be excited about and just keep on trying! I would say after putting him in underpants only, it took about a week or so before he stayed dry completely during the day. He practically trained himself to night potty, I would still put him in a pull up at night but by 2 1/2 he didn't need one anymore. Good luck! I know my advice may not work for you bc of the different genders but it worked for us.

April - posted on 05/01/2011




It took me one week to fully potty train my daughter and she was two years old but that's because she was very ready for it. She loves screaming on the top of her lungs that she wants to go potty, she says it even when she doesn't really need to go. LOL

For the first three days of potty training her she had a few accidents and each time she would cry. Once she got the hang of it though, she hasn't had an accident since, i'm really surprised she learned so fast. Hope my son will be as fast :/

Still haven't exactly mastered night time. She still wee's a bit at night so she's still wearing a diaper when she goes to bed. Still working on that one.

Just tell her to tell you when she needs to go, she'll get the hang of it soon. God luck :)

Jane - posted on 05/01/2011




i tried at 18 mos w/our first but she wasn't ready. i tried every three months and she was ready at 2.5 yrs. she had accidents for a few months. especially when she was playing or giggling, you need to remind them by asking them if they need to go. i left night training for later. i actually waited until she was dry at night before putting her in undies and i used a pee pad under her for a while. so i really didn't do night training but our oldest can go all night w/out needing to go.

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