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I am 27 and in about four months now I will be giving birth to my second kid. I chose to have a c-section again because after 23 hours of labour and pushing for 3 hours with my 2 year old NOW is not my idea of a good time so C-section it will be. After my kid I caught a few of the pounds left behind after my kid wasn't to much of a problem because I was still sorta small just from a size 11 to 14 was wowzers for me now I am pregnant I am 209 right now NOT COOL but it's babe weight and me of course my mother has been drowning me with getting my tubes tied which is something I really want to do cause I really don't want a big family and neither does my kids father which is the father of both. But I just need to know how much time should I wait to go back to work after the baby and the surgery because I waited 4 months after my son was born to make sure I was okay. And honestly the weight gain is it true?? The period pain each person is different so I'm pretty sure it varies but how long will I be in pain because I'm getting my tubes tied the same day I have my c-section which is feb 24 2017 I'm scared my doctor is amazing but reading in different blogs it's starting to creep me out HELP!!!


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How long is a piece of string?
No one knows how quickly you will heal or if you will have problems.
My suggestion is to see how you go before making a firm decision and stop stressing. Stop reading on the internet as you will just work yourself up even more.

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