Now a SAHM but I miss the adult conversation!

Ashley1285 - posted on 02/20/2018 ( 3 moms have responded )




I was a pharmacy technician for ten years, but the demanding hours and late nights were hard on my boys. So we made the decision that it would be beneficial that I stay home. Staying home has been amazing, I have been able to do so much with the boys and us as a family in general. Not to mention the improvement my oldest has made academically now that we have a routine life and I am available every night to help him with homework. However, I moved around a lot growing up so have an abundance of acquaintances but I dont have a best friend, or that one close girlfriend, I dont have a sister, and I dont have any close relatives. None of this really bothered me because I had worked in a retail pharmacy and I would talk to hundreds of people daily. Consequently, now I can go days before I converse with another adult and I miss it! and now I have been wishing for that fundamental friendship that most people have more than anything. 🤔


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Ashley - posted on 02/21/2018




I actually just say a video on this topic (pretty much his topic) the other day on YouTube. It was a God sent as I’m kinda in the same boat, a new SAHM. It’s titles something like “making friends by fun heap or free and it’s just saying this woman was in the same boat had a lot of aqua tanned then went home after working and had nobody and it was hard. And her husband kinda ended up telling her hey you just gotta go make friends, you can’t wait for them to come to you you have to go sit by someone and ask them about their lives and them and talk to them and that’s how you do it, it’s not easy but you can’t sit here and not be happy about not having friends when your not trying to make any.
So she ended up like sitting next to moms at dance classes or the park or library story times and putting herself out there and said it was hard but it worked and she has a lot of friends now.
I have none. I’ve got nothing for ya but I liked the video and recommend it for inspiration :) I also go to a moms bible study once a week to meet moms and talk about momstuff, new to me so haven’t make friends eat but I’m trying

Michelle - posted on 02/20/2018




You need to find others with the same interests. They won't come knocking on your door.
Are all your children in school?
Why not find a group that meets up during the day and join? Even doing volunteer work can get you around others and can fulfill your need for adult conversation.
I work in retail as well and it get into your blood. I find it hard when I'm not working as well.

Leann - posted on 02/20/2018




That is just wonderful for your family, to be a constant and consistent presence. Excitement with your children's benefits.
I so understand you need for a "best friend". Throughout my life there has been void of that as well. Those friends that you can visit with and share a journey, then they seem to focus with a different friend.
It is a known fact that woman seem use more words a day than the typical male, that being about 20,000. So, with being at home you are not achieving your words.
Just a suggestion, when doing errands, connect with others. I love sharing a smile, kindness, and casual conversation with others. One other thing I have done was dive into my Bible to find comfort. My husband is my best friend now, yet there was a decade where I needed and worked to secure a best/close friend to no avail.
Please know that I have lived through many challenges, finding peace and joy everyday. I am willing and able to be a friend to you.

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