Now that my son has started school......

Kacie - posted on 09/09/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have NO desire to clean the house or keep up with it!! ::hides:: seriously, before he ever started school (this is his 1st year, kindy, all day) i was ALWAYS on top of housework! Now?! omg, ive NEVER had my house as messy as it is now! i have no want or need to clean or pick up anything! i have clothes everywhere, i let dishes PILE up before i decide i need to put them in the dishwasher (after i decide that i need to unload it), things are just strung through out! WHY!?!? LoL am i the only one!?


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Kacie - posted on 09/10/2011




yeah, 3 weeks down and im loving every bit of 'freedom!' LoL

i guess its the schedule im now on that throws me off cause its also throwing off my appetite! we use to wake up at 9, eat about 11 or 12 (we're not breakfast people here), snack about 3 and then dinner around 6 or 7. now that im getting up at 630, im hungry at 8 or 9. if i eat then, im not hungry for lunch, then that puts me hungry at 3 and if i eat then, im not hungry for supper which in returns makes me even hungrier when i wake up! its a vicious cycle! LOL

Jennifer - posted on 09/10/2011




I agree with the other 2. If it does keep up for a while and you notice that you start to anger easily and or cry frequently for no reason, it may be a sign of depression. It is very understandable, because this is a huge change for you.

Tamara - posted on 09/09/2011




I agree with Sara, things should settle down soon and your able to find a new routine and motivation again :) Good Luck

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He probably just started, right? You're probably just enjoying some mommy time. You deserve to relax a little :). I'm sure you'll get back into some sort of cleaning schedule once you get used to him being at school.

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