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Ok, so I took a longgggggggg time to learn about efusjon before I joined. This is not the MLM or NMS you may already be thinking it is. My sister, who obviously I trust with my life joined efusjon in April and is now paying ALL the household bills with what she makes. Once she turned that corner I joined (July 10, 2009). Efusjon is so awesome! Ever heard of a wine club? Efusjon is HEALTHY energy drink club! Plus, you make money! Check this out, I wrote a quick lil' something about it below. After you read it, go online and read ANYTHING/EVERYTHING you can find on efusjon. I SWEAR this is not a "pyramid scheme" or a "scam" or anything like that. It's a club. Check it out then email me on facebook and I can tell you more. You can always check out my very own club on facebook too.....Idaho Energy Club. I am loving efusjon and the money!!! Everyone makes money. There's not one guy at the top getting rich. This club grows bigger at the bottom! Read on:

Four vitamin enriched, anti-oxidant packed, immune boosting flavors to choose from. 100% natural. No preservatives. Natural-pick-me up without the crash of most energy drinks.

Aggressive, patented, copy-writed compensation plan. Unlike anything you've seen. No selling, no inventory. Join the club (similar to a wine club), enjoy your efusjon energy drinks, get 3 people to join the club, help them find 3 to join the club and be part of a very profitable, money-making business! That's it. Simple, honest, fun!

Contact me today for more information! There's no sales pitch. This is not what you may be thinking. Not an MLM style business. This is truly fun and exciting and new and there's BIG money to be made! Join Efusjon and become a healthier/wealthier you!!

Contact Tracey with questions right here on Idaho Energy Club or on her facebook page at Tracey Ela Lee and see what all the hype is about.

M-TH visit at 7pm mst to see a live description of efusjon. Ask questions! Tell 'em Tracey Lee sent you! There is NO pressure. This company is designed to let you see for yourself what its about and make up your own mind. "Pay It Forward" philosophy makes it so much fun to help people see this amazing opportunity.


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If you really truly want to make honest money and stay home, this could be the ticket for you! Message me on facebook! Join Idaho Energy Club! Efusjon has the "Pay It Forward" philosophy which goes right along with the very values I teach my children at home. Write to me for more information!

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