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Hey everyone! I have a 4 month old son (my first) and am a SAHM and i love it so far! Lately I have been noticing however that I have become almost obsessive about the cleanliness of my home.. I didn't used to care nearly as much as I do now and have even had to stop myself from snapping at my husband about stupid little things like tracking a little bit of mud through our kitchen or leaving a few dishes on the counter! Anyone else experiencing this?


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I was really OCD about cleanliness. Especially when my daughter started crawling. I felt llike all I did was clean. She is 16 months now and I still clean all the time but I am slightly more relaxed about it. We constantly have people in and out of our home and I go so far as to lysol all the door handles and light switch covers every week. I think it's normal, especially with your first child. I know that growing up in a home that is too clean can cause them to have allergies later in life because they need to be exposed to normal everyday germs to build their immunity. I just have a ton of visitors every week and I don't know if and when they last washed their hands so that is why I lysol everything after they leave.

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I used to get annoyed at people who left the kitchen area at my work messy, and now this is my workplace, so, yeah, I still get annoyed at people who mess up my workplace.

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I'm the same way. I think for me, it stems from the fact that I have so little time to clean anything what with homeschooling a first grader and running after a toddler all day, that when I do get things cleaned to my standard (and I am a former soldier, so you can imagine what my standard is! LOL) I really want them to stay that way as long as possible. It's a futile, stupid battle to pick, but it just irks me to no end when I get our floors all clean (we have wall to wall tile... gotta love living in the desert) and my husband tracks in a bunch of sand and then proceeds to park his stanky old combat boots in front of the refrigerator or something, and shed his uniform down the back hallway.

It's really rather comical when I look back on it, but everyone else I know with an Asian husband says how clean and neat their husbands are because it's how they were raised, or something similar. Mine apparently had a different type of upbringing, and is filthy (but hates messes just as much as I do. Riddle me that.) and it drives me NUTS!!

I know it's stupid to get so bent out of shape over this stuff, but it just makes my day when things are clean and orderly, and boils my blood when all my hard work in getting things nice and orderly is just cast aside by any adult person (the kids don't know any better, so I can't blame them... well, the toddler anyhow. My big girl does help clean sometimes.)

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I went through that till my oldest daughter started walking. I talked to my mom about it and she had a good point the more "germs" they touch the better resistance they build up. I'm not saying live in filth but don't worry about recleanning the clean. Mud bugs me too I don't want my baby eatting dirt but someday they are likely to eat a bug or something gross off a floor somewhere.

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