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Hi Moms. I have a just turned 4 year old boy, and I am really starting to worry, or rather see some red flags for some ocd behavior. I'm not sure what is normal for this age or not and when to seek out help.

My son has always been sensitive, and for lack of a better word, high maintenance, and can be quite whiny. He has high expectations of me (stay at home mom) and can be rather demanding.

What I am struggling with, are some ritual stuff that has to be done or said. Below are two specific examples of this:

In the morning, I give him a milk in a rubbermaid thing with a straw. He will usually have his milk and watch cartoons, and then we'll have breakfast approx an hour later. When I give him the milk (almost full), he will ask me if its a big milk. I will say yes it is. This can go on and on. He will ask over and over if its a big milk. If I tell him that Im only gonna answer him once, and then ignore, he wont drink the milk and it will be a meltdown until I answer up to 5 times and assure him that YES! it is a big milk.

At bed time, we go thru the routine of kiss and hug, saying love you, sweet dreams, good bye etc., by the time I get to the door he starts it all over again, so I say the same thing, love you, sweet dreams, and he says it back to me, but that's when the same repetitive question starts. He asks "did you hear me?", I say yes. He says ok. Then he will ask again. I will then shut the door and hang out for a few seconds only to have him freak out, and we have to do it all over again. At this point Ive had to ensure him that Ive heard him over 10 times. Ive tried explaining when tucking him in that I can always hear him and that he only needs to ask once. If I leave the room after only doing it once, and not go back in, he will lose it. When I ask him why he keeps doing this he replies "because I didn't know if you heard me".

He is very strong willed, and we're also dealing with eating issues at the same time.

Any suggestions or experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


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All things have been resolved. It was actually me who was worried about how he would react to discontinuing these things. All I had to do was have a talk with him, and give him lots of re-assurance, and told him we wouldn't be answering back, he actually thought the whole thing was funny, and hasn't done it since. Sometimes I just think they like to keep us on our toes. I can finally relax now knowing this was just a silly behaviour and bed stalling technique he was putting us through.

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I think that many very young children go through a phase of organising things as part of developing their cognitive skills. This may be a helpful link
Also my understanding is that all children go through phases of anxiety and have different ways of coping with them. Some may need assistance in identifying these and developing alternative strategies of coping. For some it is something they work through themselves with time.
Some intelligent children have increased anxiety as their understanding of the world is not matched by experience, and they tend to be sensitive.
If you are concerned it could be helpful to discuss these issues with a child psychologist.

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I know some mental disorders can copy ocd traits as well.

My daughter also shows ocd signs and she is barely 2. I have ran her behaviour by my friend who is trained in early childhood development and she agreed it sounds ocd. She needs objects in exactly the right place, in the right order. Since he is repeating a question I would think it is his age.

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