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Ok I'm not new at being a mom lol but I am new at actually asking for help...
My husband and I decided that I should remain at home even with the kids all in school, I am pretty far from a social butterfly lol but I think here lately I've gotten even worse! (I honestly didn't think that was possible!) I don't make friends easy so I end up at home by myself all day, I am big on crafting and try to keep myself busy but I seem to have lost all of my drive. I don't want to cook, clean, do my crafts, play with my kids, talk to my husband, eat or basically anything. I don't sleep at night I can only fall asleep during the day! The only thing I don't have to force myself to do is set and be upset! I keep coming up with plans to turn it around and do better because I don't wanna be this mom but every time I either destroy it with my lack of effort or I just give up because I have no patience! I'm always mad and when I'm not mad I'm upset... I used to not be like this I know I was happy and loved my life but I just can't get it back... what do I do?

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