ok moms here is a good one i need help with, how do i get my 10 year old to eat fruit and vegs she will not touch any of them at all, i have taken her to the doctor and they say to just keep putting on her plate and soon she will eat them well it has been like 4 years.... any ideas


Jenn - posted on 12/02/2011




The way things work here is you eat what your given or you don't eat at all. If my kids choose to be picky and not eat their food, it goes in the fridge until they're hungry again. They eat that first before they get anything else. I don't have time for picky eaters here and I'm sure not going to let food go to waste. If you're really concerned, you could give her Pediasure.

Sal - posted on 12/19/2011




I watched super nanny about this last night, dont make a big deal, serve her meal exactly like everyone else tell her that is dinner there are no other choices and you expect her to eat it, then change tge subject and talk about anything but your daughter eating, if she doesn't eat which is likely Tell her a cconsequence grounding no tv what ever follow through no dessert no snack it will be a long few days but take the focus off her and her eating and give yourself back the power, all kids do what works for them to get power or attention take the emotion out it

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What about smoothies? If she'll drink a milkshake she shouldn't have any problem w/ a smoothie. Banana, orange juice, and frozen fruit... w/ or w/out some yogurt. ;)

Tinker1987 - posted on 12/02/2011




all fruit and veggies? giveher options put a variety on a platter,or dipping options,strawberries with a little bit of fat free chocolate chips melted,or a yogurt dip for veggies or fruits, same with veggies put a side of ranch? there's got to be something she will take too.


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Jamie - posted on 12/19/2011




the smoothies worked just great she had a friend over and i told them it was just a frozen drink she loved it still have not tols her it was fruit dont think i will lol thanks everyone!!!

Jamie - posted on 12/10/2011




she did eat them when she was younger but when she started school never again lol my youngest loves fruit and vegs thats all she wants to eat.........how ever she did try a banana the other day but no luck she gaged on it too she said it smells good and i want to try it but it makes her gag to think about it lol kids got to love them!!!

Bonnie - posted on 12/03/2011




You can try to hide them in her food. For example, when you make pasta sauce you can cook vegetables right into it and she won't be able to tell. She has to learn to eat them on her own in plain view as well though to get use to it.

In our house (my kids are 3 and 5), they have to eat their vegetables. They are not forced, but they know they have to and we pushed them when they were younger so that kind of helped. They don't get anything else if they don't eat.

Sal - posted on 12/03/2011




You are the one who shops and fils the fridge buy only what you are happy for them to eat they won't dye of hunger

Ashley - posted on 12/02/2011




I would just stop trying to force the issue she's ten so its now a battle of wills so stop and see if she will change her tun get vitamins and veg fruit drinks, try growing a garden fresh fruit and veg rock or go to a local garden or orcherd and get her in the kitchen cooking it may interest her enough to start eating it. In the verry least hid veg in her food lol and i would in no way change your meals to accomidate her if she wont eat dinner than that is her choice and its unfortunate but its not up to u to make several dinners. Good luck i hope something works

Jamie - posted on 12/02/2011




all fruit and vegs i tried the you eat whats on your plate or nothing at all, she chose nothing she gags when trying to eat them she hates all dressing lol she is just one picky eater but she does not eat just junk food it seems like meat and crakers and cheese is all i can get her to eat

Katherine - posted on 12/02/2011




I don't know........if she won't eat them you can't exactly force her unfortunately. Have you tried the book Deceptively Delicious?

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