Okay Ladies I would like some suggestions oonhow to get my 6month old to sleep in his crib all night? It seems the only time he will sleep long is when I'm nursing, then the mintue I put himin his drib he wakes shortly after. i would appreciate any and all suggestions..


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Christina - posted on 12/19/2011




Thank you ladies, it's been very frustrating especailly since he went from sleeping all night in his crib to not sleeping for long periods at a time.

Denikka - posted on 12/19/2011




Drugging your child is really not the best choice. . . . .

You may need to look at sleep schedules and how you guys are sleeping. He may be a baby who needs frequent naps but doesn't sleep for very long at one time. He may also be needing that physical contact and you might want to look into cosleeping.
Sleeping *through the night* is described as sleeping for a 5 hour stretch, usually from 12am-5am. Some babies don't sleep through until they're past a year, even upwards of 18mo.
I know it's tough. What I can suggest is trying different sleeping arrangements. If he naps frequently, you can cut back on that a bit, especially before bed, to ensure he's really tired.
Another thing I can suggest, and this is from my own experience, is to make sure he's in a deep sleep before you try to put him down.
I cosleep, so my daughter is used to having me in bed with her. What I usually do is nurse her to sleep out in the living room and wait for about half an hour after she falls asleep. When she's in *limp wrist* state (where you can pick up their arm and let it drop and they don't even stir), then I transfer her to bed. She usually gives me about 2 hours before she starts fussing, and then I go and nurse her back to sleep.
The real key there is to make sure they're in a deep sleep before moving them. Baby's sleep cycles are different than an adults and in their state of *light* sleep, the smallest thing can wake them up. From a change in light (like a car driving by whose headlights light up the room) to the smallest noise (babies can fart and wake themselves up XD).

Good luck with your little one :) and with your own sleep :)

Hope - posted on 12/19/2011




put just a small amount of binadril in his bottle. he'll sleep all night. i did it with my son every once in a while because i had a 4th degree epesiotomy so i couldnt get up and down a lot during the night. it sounds like it should be wrong, but its not. i promise. ive asked my dr about it. my son is 4 now and he's fine lol

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