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Christina - posted on 12/22/2011 ( 4 moms have responded )




I have worked an stayed home... I enjoy both, I love working getting out there and helping other families and contributing to my own family income. I love being home with my kids, teaching them, watching them change...
What I dont understand is moms that stay at home or go to work saying they are soooo jealous and its both
working moms swear SAMS are mean rude and jealous cuz working moms get out there and contribute
and Sams swear up and down working moms are mean rude and jealous cuz they miss out on time with their kids
i dont know maybe its i have found the healthy balance for my family i dont feel that way but it ticks me off to hear moms complain or put one another down
i honestly believe most moms do their best and what they feel is right for their familys so how can anyone judge?
how can anyone say well your all wrong and it not be anything other then your a bad mom for working or your a bad mom because you dont work?
how dare anyone put down another parent for such personal choice?

am i the only one that notices this and is bothered by it????


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Jenna - posted on 12/27/2011




I don't care what other people do as long as they aren't ranting to me about how much they dislike their choice. If they are a SAHM but are griping about how hard it is, I can't stand that. If they are a working mom but are griping about how they are jealous of me staying home and wish they could too, that's when I get annoyed. Or they say snide remarks like, "I don't know how you do it. I would go nuts if I was at home all the time." If that's the case, then it's a good thing they are working and I'm not because I would hate to be a working mom. I don't compare, but when others start comparing and making comments, that's when I start saying things back to them.

Bonnie - posted on 12/24/2011




If you are happy with what you do than you shouldn't let anyone else's comments interfere or change that for you.

Christy - posted on 12/23/2011




I went to college, worked for 10 yrs, and now stay home with the kids since we started our family "late". I was 33 and 34 when I had my kids. I don't give a rats ass about what other women have to say about whether people choose to stay home or work with kids. It was my husband's and my choice to do so and I love it! So don't let anyone make you feel bad for whatever choice you make!

LauraBeth - posted on 12/23/2011




I have been a stay at home mom for 3.5 years now I love every min of it, I have a friend(so i thought) that when their last child was born decided to stay home, but never quit spending like there was two incomes, we have been blessed that my husband does well, but she started to make rude coments to me, about my kiddos having on a new outfit or toy, then say stuff like I am only going back to work to socialize and that I needed to do the same, I said that I didnt need a job to socialize, and she fliped her rocker. I dont care if she works or dont work, I personally work hard enough at home, that I find myself wondering how women do both, they have to be much better time managers then me lol. it bothers me that working women feel like stay at home moms dont work hard, dont get a social life, and that they think we are unhappy.

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