on what age we must to stop use diapers at bed time? and how?

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My 1st sons already 3 years old, he didn't want to use diapers anymore, he said it hurt his bottom (although his bottom never irritated). so start from 2,5 year i stopped using diapers on him. Maybe for lot of mom this is good, but for me this is another problem, because i have to wake up for 2 times every night to ask him to 'pee' otherwise he will pee on his bed and not only that, his skin was become red and irritate because when he pee, his whole body can be wet. please help me... is there any suggestion or tips handle this? thank you


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They have cloth pull ups. They are great because he will still feel like a big boy but if he has an accident then it wont be as hard to clean up. I'm hoping to cut diapers out for my oldest (4) tonight (finger crossed) she doesnt want to sleep in them anymore.

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Maybe try cloth diapers they are softer on the bum, or a pull up type diaper. I wouldn't go through the trouble of getting up to make him go potty, that seems like a lot of work. Boys typically take longer to stop wetting the bed then girls so there isn't anything you can really do to get him to stop wetting the bed. The only thing I would know to do is just try different diapers until you find one that he can tolerate.


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