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Over a month ago I set a short term goal to overhaul our house. I've since gone through and organized and minimized the kitchen, bedroom, and livingroom. Although it's not done yet, I've seen grand improvements in my life.

The time it takes to clean everything is shorter. I don't own as much, so there is less clutter stress. Just overall, less to make a mess of.

Has anyone recently set out on such a journey to fix their house? Would love to hear your stories, ideas, inspiration and what you have gained by what you have accomplished :)


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just don't rush ahead of yourself, with flylady, her pace is just fine and it'll still get you there

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yes, I follow It's so helpful, and has taught me to pace myself, and encourage myself and it's great. My life is so easy now, and everyone always comments on how clean my house is which is hilarious if they had known me a year ago.


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In an attempt to organize my daughter's toys, I bought clear plastic boxes with lids so we could stack them and she could see what was in each one. All it did was encourage her to collect more things. lol. Now she has 7 buckets, a shelf and a set of drawers full of toys. One day she will outgrow them.....

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Neat :) I recently moved out on my own, into my boyfriends house, had a kid and our stuff has never fit together. Heck, his stuff didn't fit when I first met him lol

So it's now been some 9 months and I just can't take our house still not being done. I threw a fit, said it had to be done asap or I was moving out. Seen lots of progress since! Yay

My parents and I just spent 4 years remodeling their house. I know what you mean, Amber :) I think those are some of the best times ever. Sad to say my parents didn't want to live in the house forever so when the economy dropped, they had planned to sell it and couldn't so they are letting it go back to the bank rather than sit on it for a decade in order to get money back. They just don't like the area and I don't quite blame them. It still bites to see all that hard work go to nowhere land though :(

Thanks for the checking it out right now! :D

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While I was caring for my disabled husband and my bipolar son, I seldom had time to do a good clean, or even sort out things to get out of the house. I also discovered that I began to deal with stress by acquiring things, as well as by inheriting stuff from grandparents and parents downsizing.

My husband passed away this past December, so now I am at the beginning of a journey to reclaim my house. I started with a book called "Throw Away Fifty Things" and I recommend it highly. I might not see a huge difference after cleaning for several hours but I can measure my progress by what has gone out the door.

Now I am reading the Flylady's book "Sink Reflections" in order to figure out how to keep all that stuff from sneaking back in.

Even though I still have a long way to go I can feel the difference in several rooms. I am hoping to continue until my whole house is as organized as it used to be before illness, stress and children (and dogs - they came with the children apparently).

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In the last 5 years, I've redone every room in the house one at a time (sometimes twice if I didn't like it the first time haha). Top to bottom. The only thing that I have left is the flooring for the family room and painting the shutters outside.

It was really fun and I learned a lot. I can install a hardwood floor now and put together shelves :) I'm still not allowed to touch the saw, but that's really for my own safety.

It took a lot of patience and teamwork, but we had fun. I can look back and laugh at all the times we had friends over and were covered in sawdust, paint, or insulation.

We can laugh at our son "painting" his own mural in his room while we measured the wall for the real mural....that was a mess.

I can't say that we really minimized a whole lot, other than stuff we had in storage in the basement already. We just went through and installed new things and organized it all.

I'm finally at the end of my journey and it's a little bittersweet. Chad is overjoyed that it's over....but I'm a little sad. I remember all those times that we were laughing so hard we were crying and I'm ready to start over again :)

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