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When I was a working mom my other 2 children stayed at nana's during my workday. So they are VERYcomfortable there, always have been, for some reason my 9-week-old gets very anxious over there, gets over stimulated and wants to nurse for comfort the entire time we are there. My mom is hard of hearing and my grandmother (who is currently staying with her) is also hard of hearing so, general noise level is louder than at my house, also, her house usually has the TV going CONSTANTLY. I'm a big fan of the off button when it comes to TV. How do I get my baby comfortable enough for a pleasant visit at my mom's house?


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What Kat said will help. Also, it will just take time. He may never be as comfortable as your other kids, but it will get better.

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I have found that if Nana isn't willing to tone down the noise level at her house that I sometimes would listen to music or something before hand to get mine used to the noise. It might help a little to get your baby acclimated to noise...Even if it isn't quite so loud with music then it is with Nana!

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