overwhelmed by kid parties

Montana - posted on 08/11/2011 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have 13 nieces n nephews. Their birthdays are scattered all over. Next weekend 2 of my nieces are turning 4. Their moms scheduled their parties back to back so on Saturday I am STUCK from 1-7 or 8 doing the kid party thing by myself while my hubby goes to work. This to me is too much. Why cant they just do them 2gether or on seperate weekends? I hate wasting my entire day, obligated to go. The thing is they are my neighbors. So I feel like I HAVE to go to both. I cant show up for 1 n not the other but I would never ask that of the family that comes. Its too long of a day for all of us. What do I do? I DONT wanna have my weekend pretty much planned out for me :/


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Christy - posted on 08/11/2011




I agree with Jennifer, since they are neighbors, you can get away with going to portions of the parties so you aren't there the whole time. My next door neighbors had a water slide party and she understood when I didn't stay the whole time. She did ask if my 4 y/o son could stay and play with her son so I went home and checked on him periodically (she watched them like a hawk but still).

Jennifer - posted on 08/11/2011




Can you just go towards the end of the first party and stay through the beginning of the second? I would just let them know that it is too much for you to handle and it makes the your kids cranky. Just be honest and up front with how you are feeling. They may or may not understand, but at least you will be telling the truth and you will have made an appearance at both parties.

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