People look down on my decision to stay at home.

April - posted on 12/11/2009 ( 103 moms have responded )




I'm a new mommy and I chose to leave the practice I was running in order to stay at home and raise my son full time. My question is: how can I nicely respond to the people in my life who don't seem to be very supportive of my choice? My husband's family in particular always comments that it is a "shame" I left my practice to stay home or how it's "nice" that I could stay at home with my son. (My husband is very supportive of me and we made this decision together, so at least he's on my side, but he doesn't know how to nicely respond to these people either.) If it is supposed to be a woman's right to chose, why do these people try to make me feel ashamed of my choice to remain at home?

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Melaina - posted on 12/11/2009




I was once told by a fellow student that I was "throwing away everything my fore-mothers had fought for" when I told them that I was planning to stay-at-home with the baby I was expecting. I simply replied that I wasn't sure what her fore-mothers had fought for, but mine had fought for me to have the CHOICE! Why would I choose for someone else to raise my children when I am able to stay home and raise them myself?

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I am no longer a new mommy my children are now 20 & 17 but it is a choice your choice and just enjoy your new baby. I would not of had it any other way neither would my husband he left for work every day and new that they were taken care of. When some one asks you why you have not returned to work say I want to enjoy my child and I look forward to all the new experiences that he will have and I don't want to miss them. If you have 1 child or 3 children each is different so please enjoy.

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I feel this way too sometimes. I have a masters that I am not using and some people think it is such a waste. I usually tell people (in a nice tone) that I love being with my baby and I will never regret our time together. I will have plenty of time after my children are in school full time to pursue my career and make money. If that doesn't satisfy people (and for some it won't) then you just have to know that you are doing what you know is best for your son. Also, I think some people are jealous that I stay home and they can't because they don't think they can afford it. Its not about money for me. We have everything we need, although we definitely don't have everything we want! Don't let people put you down. Your priorities are right where they should be!

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