picky eater, any suggestions?

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I have a two year old who is a VERY picky eater, so every meal I usually give her two choices for what she wants to eat so she feels like she has some control over what she eats. This strategy worked for a little while but now it's not working. At dinner and breakfast, even when she picks what she wants, once I give it to her she says, "No, I don't like this." and refuses to eat unless I make her a hot dog or toast. It's getting frustrating because I don't want her to get used to having just whatever she wants for her meals, I want her to have a well rounded diet. Any suggestions for encouraging her to eat a more broad spectrum of healthy food?


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Christy - posted on 06/03/2011




She's figured out that you'll give in if she doesn't try it. With my little ones, I'd give them what they want for breakfast and lunch, but at dinner, they get to eat what I fix. They can leave the table but their plate stays and when they're hungry, they usually come back and taste it! Also make sure she's not getting snacks before dinner time! No need to fight and argue about it, but it will be good for her to see that you're not going to give in to whatever she asks for whenever she wants it.

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Try making a game out of it. Ask her what color food she wants, instead of what KIND of food. Make an all yellow dinner or an all green dish.
If that doesn't work, I know its harsh but it works, tell her either eat what I give you or go to bed hungry. My son loves breakfast and lunch but usually will only pick at his dinner. If he doesn't eat, I don't give him anything else. When he eats his dinner, I give him some form of dessert.
Hope this helps!

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