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My daughter is just about to turn 1 year old and she has ALWAYS been a great eater, she even started eating solid foods at an age much earlier than a lot of others I know started their children. She's always really enjoyed eating and never had a problem with someone feeding her from a fork or a spoon. She also wasn't really one to drink a lot of formula since she was eating so much and so well. she's completely changed..She absolutely refuses to let me put a spoon or fork of ANYTHING anywhere near her mouth, like as soon as she even sees the spoon she turns her head away immediately and starts fussing and sometimes even crying. She does eat some finger foods [mainly the baby and toddler snacks like puffs, yogurt melts, cheerios, etc] but only when she feels like it anymore, the rest of the time she just throws them on the floor. She usually is also really good with eating table foods, but lately hasn't been willing to try too many of those either. She has been taking bottles, but I want her to eat. I'm really concerned about this to a point where it just makes me cry at times. I'm scared she isn't eating enough, but I just don't know what to do, I feel like I've tried everything. She is the same way for others too, so it isn't just me, and I also don't think it's because of teething because she already has at least 6 teeth and she was never this way before [even when she was getting 4 teeth in at once!]..when she was teething in the past she did eat a lot less but she never just refused food altogether. Please help. If anyone else has this problem or can help AT ALL, please contact me. You can always direct message me on here or reply to this post. Thanks.


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I agree with the previous poster who mentioned teeth. My son normally has an excellent appetite but when his gums are bugging him he sometimes even refuses his favourite foods.

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my second little girl is 11 mths she is the same .i would say it could be her baby got her teeth early first tooth from 3 months.from 3 months to 5 she ate less,up to 8mths she stopped eating all together.just had formula.she did pick up from 8mths but as started it baby's health nurse said its the teeth and she became underweight because of depends on what teeth there getting bottom teeth she ate less top teeth and the rest that are coming up now she will refuse everything.good luck.:)

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I would try cutting up sandwiches with small cookie cutters. Think fun food:). That sometimes helps. But don't worry, if she is hungry she will eat;)

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I had this problem with my daughter. I found trying new foods and not forcing her to eat helped. I would also make her dinner and give her the spoon to feed herself, and yeah it's a little more messy (I would suggest having her just in her diaper) but she loved the independance and the fun of trying to get the food in her mouth on her own. Just remember as long as she is not losing weight everything is fine. Make sure she has a good dose of liquid throughout the day and don't force her, she will be back to proper eating soon. You are not alone when it comes to this many children do this, don't worry unless she starts losing weight. If you need any advice or just need someone to talk to please don't hesitate to contact me. Good luck

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If your baby isn't losing weight, DON'T WORRY. If you think your baby isn't gaining enough weight, take her to a doctor and find out! Babies grow so much in their first year, but then after that it really slows down, and they have such tiny bodies, if they aren't going through a growth spurt they often don't need much food to keep them going. My daughter has gone through lots of eating/non eating phases (she's 18 months at this point). Does she appear to be hungry? Or is she fine all day long? Really, you just have to look at the signs. And continue to be creative! Try lots of different things. If you find there is something she will eat, then let her eat that! Put that one item on a tray with a couple other things, for that magical day when she decides she wants to try something new. When I took my daughter in to the doctor for her 1 yr check up, she was eating grapes and cheese. Nothing else. Know what my doctor said? "You're lucky she's eating!"

If your daughter is not showing signs of malnutrition or hunger, she is FINE. Just keep trying new things, and don't force anything down her throat.

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