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Here's the story: Yesterday afternoon I placed a $370 order from I had a one time use 20% off coupon. Today I get an email stating that all the stuff in the newest collection (which was mostly what I ordered) has been marked down to $20, $15, and $10. I called the customer service # to see if I could get a price adjustment, seeing as how it has been less than 24 hours, and the package hasn't even been shipped yet, and obviously my daughter hasn't even worn anything from it. They told me no since I had used a 20% off coupon. However, if I had known and had waited one day I would have been able to use the coupon on top of the sale prices. I have called twice and tried to work every angle possible and even asked to be transfered to a supervisor. Still no help. I am wondering if any of you have an extra 20% off coupon code that you do not plan on using and wouldn't mind giving it to me. If I can find one I will just reorder the items with the new code, and return the entire first order when I recieve it. This will save me about $80. Quite a headache, but worth it if I can save that much money. Thanks so much.


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Good news!  Gymboree called this evening and redeemed themelves.  The supervisor recalled my first order and resubmitted all the itms at the sale price with 20% off.  Being friendly, determined, and patient pays off!

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Tamta - posted on 04/17/2014




It's quite an old post but im still posting and hope someone may read and help me...I've placed an order on gymboree , it charged me but i Dont see any active orders in my account, i write them but get automatic replies..I cant make a call , since Im not USA citizen, I live in Europe..Can anyone help me to solve this problem? Thanks

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Oh no problem.  Do you ever order off the internet?  Shipping is free right now with a purchase of $100.  Nope.  They don't giv the coupons back if you return stuff.

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we only have on gymboree store thats close to me and they never have anything... one of my friends actually asked for them right after I typed that but I maybe able to get more we belong to gymboree so they give them out every so often... if you return the merchandise don't they have to give you the coupon back

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Ya they are really strict on gymbucks redemption.  I totally know what you mean though, never want to waste them and sizing little ones is sooo hard and can change from day to day or store to store.  And Erika you are right.  There are two stores in our area and 1 store has the nicest, mot helpful employees.  I usually go there when I have a problem.  Allison why aren't you going to use your gymbucks?  If you don't want them I would gladly take them.  We have  ababy boy on the way and I could start stocking up on basics for him!

Erika - posted on 03/11/2009




I used to work at Gymboree and they are supposed to do price adjustments. In fact, I had them do one for me not so long ago. You can return online orders to the store, so my suggestion is to take the stuff to the friendliest Gymboree in your area (you know, the one with moms, not teenagers working there) and see if they cannot solve it for you. At least there will be a manager onsite who can perhaps figure out the best thing for you to do. In my experience, most moms who work at Gymboree do it for the discount so they are usually willing to help someone else save a bit too!! Good luck!

Deborah - posted on 03/11/2009





So glad it worked out for you. I, myself, am boycotting Gymboree b/c they are not consistent with their policies. And you really shouldn't have had to put forth so much effort to get the price difference. If you can do it in the store (which you can) then it should have been easy for them to do it online for you.

On numerous occasions I have gone to their store and watched them allow one person to do something that is clearly against policy. But the main reason I am boycotting them is because awhile back I had the buy so much and get 25 dollars off coupons and I had quite a few of them. So I ordered from on line for most of it, but still had a few to use and went into the store. I talked to this one store clerk and told her I was not sure of my size chose on my online order and asked if I could use the coupon towards the one size down and make my decision when it comes in and bring the one back to return and still use that coupon on something else. Sure, no problem was the response. So I bought it in good faith and get the item in. Decide which one to keep and head back to the store. SAME sales clerk waits on me and I try to return it and she absolutely refuses to do the exchange so I could get something of equal value which means I wasted my coupon. I was furious. I asked her a couple of times while in the store if I could and got a reassuring yes but then when I tried to do it was not allowed. I emailed the company and got a blanket statement back that did not even address my issues. So I emailed again and finally got a 10% off coupon which I did not use and since then have refused to step into the store. Sad thing is: I was a huge customer. Bought a ton of things from them but I will buy my daughter's play clothes from somewhere else for now on. I am sure Gap loves that.

Chrisandra - posted on 03/11/2009




I know that if you shop at GAP (in store) and there is a sale w/in 2 weeks you can get a price adjustment. I believe the same is true at Gymboree (in store). Maybe there is an in store sale and you can wok that angle when the clothes come in. If all else fails you can always give a terible review and hopefully affect their sales that way. Good luck!

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Thanks for the suggetion, but I tried that.  I've been trying to figure something out since 9am this morning! 

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