please help im lost !! just need some advice !!

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my now ex partner and i have tried so many times to work it out between us but have realised that we just want to be happy for ourselves so we arnt together anymore we have 3 children our girl is 4n a half ,and twins who are 3n a half ! i also have a 13 yr old from a previous relationship and his father passed away so all this hasnt been easy for him !! my ex partners parents have always payed for most things if we need them n for that i am greatful but when we split last time we were living 900ks away from his parents and as soon as we broke up i had two days notice that he n his mum were moving back to our hometown and two days to spend with our children now that i am back in the same town his parents payed for bond on his house and got the pension for them !! i have no say in the matter and always have to ask to have my children because i didnt have a car and i had nowhere to take them the best choice was for them to stay with thier dad until i can get my own place but he is very controlling and used to threatin me all the time ! i feel i have no power and dont want to put the children through all of this !! which is between me n my ex partner !! i need advice and i feel lost at the moment !!


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my ex partner isnt a great partner but he is a great dad and always thinks of the kids first !! so there isnt a problem there n definately no danger to them ! i just feel lost n a bad mother because he has the resources eg, money , his parents ,his friends who i thought were our friends n i feel i have nonone to help me and most of all the support i need ! he has the children for all of those reasons !! until i can get my own place i cant have my children with me ! how do i cope !!

Crystal - posted on 10/26/2009




Well first of all if you feel your children are in any kind of danger with him you need to get an injunction put against him and get your kids. I'm not sure in detail how the situation is going but all I know is your kids come first. If you have no place for you or your kids to live then that is very difficult but you need to call DCF and get them involved if he is any kind of threat to them.

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