Please help - naps are a disaster

Charlene - posted on 05/08/2017 ( 3 moms have responded )




Okay so before we say teething, sick, separation anxiety, overtires, whatever else. I have gone through all those and addressed all of those. She is formula fed and eats like a champ. Nothing is bothering her, she has a mill protein allergy that we have known and adjusted to since she was 3 months. It's not just a regression. My almost 10 month old WILL NOT go down for a nap.
She's is drowsy but awake and just pops up as soon as I put her down .. we sleep trained at 6 months because she would scream and want to be rocked to sleep and it worked amazing. We are sleep training again with controlled crying (please no negative comments) and she just won't sleep! I go in every 10 minutes and lay her back down and sometimes it takes a few tries and she's out. She wants me rubbing her back and holding her hand over the crib. I'm seriously going crazy. I hate hearing her cry but at 10 months shouldn't she be sleeping. Like just go down for a nap. She gives all the cues and is on a pretty solid routine. Sleep regression, sleep crutch (me) and I just need help. What can I do this is really affecting me and my daughter.


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Jbrauer1964 - posted on 05/08/2017




Try some things like a sound machine, soft classical music. We used to put our kids in their care seat and set them on the dryer, they used to love the rumble sound. Lavender lotions, bathes, relaxing candles scenes, humidifier. Lava lamps, stories on tape/cd.
We had a daughter who did the same thing at the same age, we learned that our daughter just did not need long nap periods. So we eventually got it and shortened up her nap time and then she slept better at night. We also learned that our daughter when it was nap time, instead of trying to make her sleep, we had a quiet time. She could sit in her room and just let her play around in her crib/bed for so much time. Then she could get up. Sometimes she would fall asleep unexpectedly,haha! Those times were nice for mom and dad (smiles!)

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