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Its an easy one actually. I felt very jealous over my husband's family as if, I don't feel my hubby love me if he near his family. Am I wrong to feel jealous about it. I want him by myself not share him with other people. I know he knows how I feel, cos everytime we meet his family, I am not comfortable at all. Plus, he will treated me diiferently in front of his family. I feel so insecure as right now I am a stay at home mum. And they looked down on anyone who had degree but not working as if I am lazy to find a job. Am I that burden to him? I am raising our child. Lets say if I am working its quite expensive to send them to nursery. Well, thats just an excuse I know.


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Steph - posted on 03/03/2010




you should talk to ur hubby about about it.
I have the same problem. I hate going to my partners family house cuz his dad dont like me and im pretty sure his mum dont like me either. So i suggest telling him to go to his parents alone then when he gets home tell him to spend some time with you wheather its look after the kids. like go to the park sit on the bench and let the kids play while you to are sitting together.

Charity - posted on 03/02/2010




Some people just don't get it. you are choosing to stay at home with your child so you don't miss the things that are most important to you! Back when moms were supposed to stay at home, and dads' were supposed to go to work, kids didn't get into near as much trouble as they do now. They didn't have school shootings and sex ed in 4th grade. I'm not saying that we should all be stay at home moms, but, I do believe that since our women have chosen careers and children at the same time, a lot more children have become lost and alone at very young ages. I am going to wait until all 3 of mine are in school before I go back to work, and it will only be during school hours, because I believe in being there with your children while their young enough to develope a stronger bond with us moms. Good luck. I don't know what to tell you about the in-laws, but your husband needs to realize what you're trying to do, to make sure that you're not going to give up on what you believe in and he needs to start standing up for you to his parents. I hope it works out for you soon. Charity

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