please read this and help me idk what else to do

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okay heres the story...bare with me...its not really about my kids but it has to do with them to...please read

my grandma is gonna be 80 years old in nov. she has Alzheimer disease. my mother is disabled and cant help her...she makes my grandma do everything for her. my mom doesnt get out of bed she just sleeps all day...she stumbles and falls all the time she is on a TON of medications. and she still makes my grandma pick her up off the floor and put her back into her bed...ive tried calling office of the aging, my grams social worker, my moms doctor....nothing seems to work. i even have called the hospital to come and get her and shes out with in 3-4 hours...she makes my grandma drive in the middle of the night out of town 30 mins away to take her(my mom) to the one will help me....we need to get my mom into an assisted living place or nursing home because my grandma cant take care of her...and i refuse to take care of her because she put my son in danger....she is not willing to go to a i really need ideas on what i should do to get her into a home the hospitals obviously wont put her there and neither will her doctor....she is living in my grandmas house with my grandma...ugh please help


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If you put your Grandma in a home (to help with Alzhiemer's, there are really nice places out there for that) your mom will have to search elsewhere for help. She may find she's out of options and be more willing to go into assisted living of some sort.

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we finally got my mother out of my grams house and my husband and i are taking care of my grandma now...thank you everyone!

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Where do you live? I am amazed that the social worker won't do anything about it. As bad as it sounds you might have to find a place for your grandma to go and work that side instead of your mother. Have your grandmother go into an assisted living place or a senior living setting (not nursing home but I am sure soon enough that will be coming due to the Alzheimer's). How bad is your grandmother's Alzheimer's right now? Can she be deemed incompetent or is she still sharp? My grandmother had Alzheimer's really bad...I wouldn't want her driving or taking care of someone else, especially someone with disabilities like your mother.

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Sweetness, that souunds like a delima to me! I don't know what to tell you except I hope you get it worked out and everything starts to get better for you!

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Hey Brittnii, I was wondering do either of them have a will made up to say what happens when they go? THe reason I ask because if either one of them have said that if they are mentaly unable to make a decision they would like you to make a decision then you can have them both go to an assised living place and they can't fight you on it. you find a place you go to a jugde if you have to to say they are unable to live on there own they are not mentaly stable and if you have speaking rights for them they shouldn't have a choice. I now it's not nice but it is the safest thing for everyone and they will have to realize that but being medicated they will not think about that so you will have to think for them. See what your legal rights are and if they have wills and who they have appointed to look after everything. thats what I would do

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call around and find an assisted living place for her. it doesnt have to be an actual home. your grandma is too old to be taking care of anyone but herself. and soon wont be able to do even that(dont mean to be negative but its true). im not totally sure she has to be willing to go to a nursing home. call and ask. but im gonna say that assisted living would be the way to go. most nursing homes have them either attached to them or could give you a good recommendation for one. your just gonna have to call around for a place that would work for her. good luck!

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