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Sahra - posted on 02/18/2013 ( 6 moms have responded )




I have a 30 months old who doest want to eat. i tired her everything that i could think off but she doesn't want to.Does anyone knows something to open her appetite. Please help! Thanks. Sahara.


Liz - posted on 02/19/2013




Kids don't starve themselves. If you are putting good, nutritious, tasty meals in front of her and she is refusing them, make sure that you do not then offer her something else instead. No candy, no cookies, no snacks. Meals only.

My grandmother used to go as far as reheating and serving yesterday's dinner if it wasn't eaten. She'd do that for as long as it took until it WAS eaten. Luckily for me, my own mother wasn't quite as harsh and only did this for one successive day after the original mealtime.

I tried it recently when my very picky 3 year old decided that she only wanted boxed 'plastic' meals and refused a beautiful home cooked macaroni cheese. She got nothing else to eat instead and found herself looking at the same plate, reheated, the following night. She ate it then.

Try it. The most important thing is, however, to ensure that nobody is giving your daughter any snack foods at other points, or that will continue to undermine you.

Farihanasir - posted on 02/18/2013




Some children require deworming - must ask doctor -
Place one food item at one time for her to eat ,, if doesn't work try next -
Make her sit with friends children while eating ,, a lot of kids eat only when they see other kids eating -
Check her sugar intake , little sugary foods like biscuits, cakes finish their hunger -
Introduce her to dates ...... Even one date will cover her nutritional requirements a lot-


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Erin - posted on 03/04/2013




I don't want to sound rude but 30 months means 2 and a half years old. Perhaps place your mind that you "baby" is not a baby anymore, she is a toddler and it's time for some rules. Take the advice of the other women. Give her, her food and if she doesn't eat it oh well that's all she gets. No snacks, no special meals (except that which would be appropriate because of her age vs the age of the other people eating.

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Oh, and I agree with Patricia about the liquids. Me and my son stayed with my grandmother from the time he was 18 months till 2.5 and while at was at work during the day she would just let him drink milk all day long. He wasn't skinny, but he barely grew in that time either. Once I got him eating better after we moved out he shot up like a weed!

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My son was never a good eater and after he turned 3 it got worse. I tried everything, including bribing him. He didn't care. He would go so long without eating sometimes that he would get sick to his stomach and throw up stomach acid. I was told to give him a time limit (such as 30 minutes) and explain that after the time was up it was time to get up from the table, whether he was done or not, and he would not get anything else until the next time to eat. The first couple of days he did okay (I made sure to keep telling him how much time was left), then one day he didn't finish. I kept warning him his time was about to be up, and counted down the minutes. When the time was up I took his plate away and he could not believe it! He said he wanted it back, but I explained that he did not finish in his time and therefore he could not get it back. Not going to lie, I felt terrible! But I didn't have any problems after that! Well, until I stopped the time limit last year, so he is back to taking fffooorrreeevvvverrr. Now I am about to start it again because he will start Kindergarten this year, and I can just see him now, melting down when the teacher says it's time to go back to class, and he hasn't even begun to eat yet :-/

Patricia - posted on 02/20/2013




Well first is this a normal thing for her? Is there some underlying cause? illness? Has she had a good checkup- weight in check?

I would say try several foods that she has loved in the past. I think tempting with a little sweet is not going to hurt as long as that is not all she is eating.

I do know some children will get filled up with juices and milk and not want to eat. If that is the case consider cutting back on that- drinking more water and offering up food instead of the liquid.

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