Polite way to 'let go' a care giver.

Kristi - posted on 08/19/2010 ( 1 mom has responded )




My two children are extremely close in age (not quite 14 months apart) and my husband and I decided to get some extra help while he was at work. He works long hours and after the birth of my daughter I really needed some extra support because I was also recovering from a c-section. I met a woman at the gym (over a year ago) who also has a home daycare and she offered to take my son in 3 days a week to help me out. She had babysat him many times before and was great with him! She has plans to run her home care program full time and is asking me (constantly) when she can have my little guy full time.

The issue is - she is a flake (at least I think she is)! A few times my son came home starving! She had to drive him home because I could not drive after my surgery and he was so cranky and so hungry I could not understand why as I pack him lots of food. As it turns out she had not fed him lunch those days. I had to explain to her that he needs to eat lunch and at noon and everyday! Then last week, I went to her home to drop him off at the usual time (10am) and there was no answer - I phoned, texted etc. still no answer - I became very worried. About 2 hours later she called me back - oops, she slept through her alarm.

I have decided I need to end this because this is totally unprofessional. I have been keeping my son at home and giving her excuses like my mother in law is visiting the kids. I see this woman regularly at my gym and do not want this to be awkward. How do I let her go and let her know why without a blow up? Any suggestions


Bonnie - posted on 08/19/2010




First of all, she does not sound responsible at all! I would never leave my kids with someone like that. Secondly, things change in people's lives all the time, she doesn't really have to know why you don't want your child with her anymore.
Why don't you just tell her that you will be taking care of him from now on or even just a family member?

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