Poor appetite/Temper tantrums

Jodie - posted on 03/26/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




My 4 year old daughter is a really bad eater, when she eats she hardly eats anything, and when she does it can take her anything up to an hour if not more. I'm so stressed and feel like I'm doing wrong as she's not eating enough for age. She'll ask what's for dinner/tea I'll tell her and within the space of 2 seconds she says I don't like that whether she's had it before of not. Even when she as a sandwich she'll have of it and say she's full. I restrict her with sweets and chocolate as I thought this was the cause it's not as bad but still bad enough. She does have temper tantrums but this is mainly when she doesn't get her own way and 90% of the time the tantrums are to do with not eating her tea. I've tried Santa/Easter bunny doesn't come if she doesn't eat her food, told her she'll go to bed early, taken toys away etc, probably all the wrong things I know, but I have no idea what to do anymore.

I could also do with some advice on temper tantrums, she screams, smacks, throws toys, runs round house when I try talking to her. I know this isn't half as bad as some others are but to me it's heartbreaking. I've tried the naughty step, ignoring her until she calms down, sent her to her room, taken toys away, reward charts. It kills seeing her like this and I don't know what to do anymore, I've never smacked her or anything like that as I don't believe in it, I will admit that I have shouted when she's been at her worst just to get her to hear me and I hate myself for that as she hated it, I've always tried to stay calm but it's so hard to do sometimes. When she's in bed or playing I sit there and just hate myself for doing things right and being so stressed out.

We also have an 11 month old, we have family around but no-one that will help to give us a break or rest. I'm not blaming any of this on her or her behaviour or anything like but I know that this is probably the reason why I feel like I can't cope sometimes. I love my babies to pieces and wouldn't change them for the world but it's so hard when we don't have all the support we sometimes need.

Sorry about the rant, and thank you in advance for any advice x


Mchll - posted on 03/28/2013




I am currently going through the same thing myself. All my daughter wants to eat is Mac & cheese and anything else she pushes away. As much as I dislike hearing the following advice, I think it's true. This is a phase and they will get through. Just be strong and eventually the little one will get.the message. I had a breakthrough wth my Izabella today. She threw a fit and was naughty at the restaurant. I told her no ice cream..she was upset but eventually forgot when I ignored her. Hope that helps. :-)

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