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My 20month of Daughter seems to be constipated and seems to have blue lips as if she has colic like she did when she was new born. I've tried everything from giving her fruit except Bananas, I have tried giving her bananas...I've tried aired water with all her drinks...I've tried not airing the water...I've tried giving her infacol and medication for Constipation. She has a Healthy diet and does not eat crap but occasionally has a sweet. She runs around and exercises and seems to be a happy child....But sometimes she grabs her tummy and private parts and screams like she is in complete agony...During these times she has blue lips as if she has colic and her poo seems to be hard and stuck as if she is constipated.

Please HELP! as her pain is keeping her from sleeping and 'pooing' Properly...Sorry for the term poo lol.


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Jill - posted on 10/06/2011




my DD had the same thing when she was a toddler. come to find out that she needed to eat more veggies everyday. peas are fabulous for this issue. give her more water to drink too. my DD loves it when i put ice cubes in a sippy cup b/c it rattles and it tastes better. you can also try a bit of prune juice, diluted or not and that will work wonders too! just be forewarned though, if she's having pain while trying to poop now, and you give her veggies and/or prune juice to help soften it up, she might fight it to poop again. it's all in the mind if she remembers it hurting, but she might be ok, too if it's easier for her to poop. sometimes 2 year olds can be amazingly understanding if you tell her things like "these magic balls (peas) will help your bum bum..." or water with ice is a "magic drink for the potty", etc. good luck.

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if this is a regular thing take her to the doctor... but a pharmasist gave me some stool softner for my 10 month old when i was on vacation and it helped wonders.because he has had a bad constipation fit in the past and it was the worse thing to see a baby go through =( but if this is occuring alot definetly see a dr.

Jane - posted on 10/04/2011




You need to take her to the doctor to try to find out why she is having problems.

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