Post Partum**Advice NEEDED!

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My little girl is now 4 months old as of Feb. 1. My fiance is a Police officer and works night shift.. 12 hour shifts at that. I am pretty lucky though, she started sleeping through the night about 3 weeks ago. I've been having some uncertian feelings and he seems to be worried that it could be post partum depression.. I read a little bit on the subject, and now I'm a little more worried! I've been having some strange feelings.. I love my little girl and I wouldn't give her up for the WORLD. It's just that sometimes.. I just want to be away from her. She is with Mommy ALL THE TIME. Poor baby doesn't get a break from me either.. I've been tired.. restless.. angry.. and thats NOT me. Help?


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Misty - posted on 02/04/2010




I don't think it is post partum not that I am a docotor or anything lol. My baby girl is just over 4 months and I think what is happening is just the massive ammount of exaustion has set in. I feel the same way but take into perspective we just went through how many weekly growth spurts trying to breast feed worrying sleepless nights plus it is winter and we don't get the sunshine we need I find the first 6 months the hardest these little bundles are so much work and so dependant on us 24 7 I am starting to look forward to when she can entertain herself a little more I to love my little girl so very much but she is very taxing on my time and I would love a night away which I would probably call every 15 minutes anyway lol I think we feel this way cause it is all so new and overwhelming we will hit our stride and just to make sure have a talk to your doc good luck sister and hang in there I am trying to :)

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You'd be surprised how many new mother's go thru the same feelings BUT, I think either way you should talk to ur doctor!

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What sort of uncertain feelings? It could be post partum depression OR these feelings may be quite normal and natural. I am in a very similar situation. Being a stay-at-home is a constant thing and requires so much time and energy. Sometimes we just need a break!! Sounds to me like you need some adult interaction away from the baby. Is this possible? Pehaps you can have a girls night out? I can't tell you how many women have told me they look forward to Mondays when they can head back to work and get a "break" from the kids. Don't be too hard on yourself BUT at the same token if you feel something isn't right you should talk to a doctor. Post pardum depression is a serious thing and deserves the proper attention. Just rememebr...once your daughter gains a little independence so will you. When she's old enough for school you'll miss these days :)

Carley - posted on 02/04/2010




i suffered with post natel depression with my son your feelings are normal but you do need to follow what they are telling you and that is that you need a break you will probly find she does too it isnt good gor either of you to be together so much so if you can get a babysitter get one go out with your friends or go pamper yourself a day of pampering being a pearent is hard so take the tme you need or it will affect your realtionship and you really dont need that

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