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Breanna - posted on 04/28/2013 ( 1 mom has responded )




I have a 21 month girl and a 7 month old son, Any suggestions on getting my girl started on potty training? Also, right after my son was born we stared trying to get rid of my daughters binky and she did fine until she saw his, then she would just start takinh his so we gave hers back to her. it needs to be gone at least shortly after her 2nd birthday any suggestions?


Sarah - posted on 04/28/2013




For the potty training area.....have a potty sitting out in the bathroom and then allow her to guide you as for what she is ready for and when. My daughter will turn 2 yrs old in a few weeks and right now she sits on the potty with clothes on and pretends to potty when I potty. She will wipe just like I do, but right now she has no interest in sitting with clothes off and trying. I am fine with that......that will come when she is ready.

For the binky I would say you may have to try to take both away at the same time. Or at least away during the waking hours. I would start with no binky except for naps and bedtime. Sometimes hiding it helps, but the first couple days might be pretty long days with lots of whining. With the 21 month old you could then start decreasing the time, so instead of nap and bedtime it is just bedtime. Then decrease that.

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