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Laura - posted on 01/28/2010 ( 2 moms have responded )




I have a four year old girl, who wets the bed. When I ask her if she has to go to the bathroom she always says no. I started just taking her to the bathroom before I go to bed. I just go in tell her where going to the bathroom and she does go. And I but her back in bed and she stays dry all night with no problems. I told my mother and she told me not to do it, that's it's a bad idea and it will mess her up. She won't train her body to get up and go she'll just keep wetting her bed into even being 10 years old. It seems to work but does anyone see the bad side of this like my mom or do you think it's a good idea?


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Crystal - posted on 01/28/2010




I can see both sides. But I think I'm leaning more towards your mom because she's right. Your daughter won't be able to "train herself" to get up and go when she gets the sensation, or she may just not feel it in her sleep. Have you talked to your Dr. about it? If so, what do they say? My son is 4 and he's been potty trained for over a year now and hasn't had too many accidents at night. He usually doesn't get up to go, and stays dry. He has gotten up to go most of the time if he needs to, but he's had his fair share of accidnents too. It may just be how deeply asleep they are, that they don't feel the sensation. ??? I finally broke down and bought one of the bed liners that keeps the sheets and bed dry (Target.com), and is suppose to keep the moisture away from the child. He's had it about 2 months now and hasn't had an accident yet! It's weird. Anyhow, also, just keep an eye on how much liquids you give her before bed and have her always go to the bathroom before she goes to bed - even if she says she doesn't have to go, make her try - my son says no at times, but we tell him to try and about half the time he does go. :)

Best of Luck!

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I do it for my daughter. Doesn't seem to bother her. I don't think even is really awake. I normally have to tell her to pee once I get her on the potty.

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