Potty Training

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My son will be 3 in April. He is great at going potty during the day. We can go all day in a pair of big boy underwear. However, his nap times he still has to wear a pull up and he has to wear a diaper to bed at night. Any suggestions on how to get him to not need anything when he sleeps.


Nichole - posted on 02/17/2009




I have 2 girls and i'm sure boys are different but I just stopped putting a pull up on them at nap/bed time.  They realized they had to get cleaned up after and didn't like it.  After a while they woke up before their accident or made sure they peed before bed.  My youngest is19 months and completely potty trained.  You just have to be persistent. 

Maggie - posted on 02/16/2009




get a sticker chat maybe?

all boys are different and its good he goes in the day time.. don't panic!

um sorry thats all I can say lol. my first son when he turned 4 i just said right no nappy.. after a couple of wet messes he started not enjoying the whole having to get up at night and change and shower and he came right.

my 2nd son.. he turns 4 soon and we are still struggling :/


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