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Patricia - posted on 11/03/2009 ( 9 moms have responded )




I have a 3 1/2 year old son and a 21 month old daughter. I really need tips on potty training my son, he wears pullups but wont use the potty unless I drag him in there, sometimes kicking and screaming. Once he's there he does his thing just fine. I've tried cheerios, m&m 's afterwards , letting him wear real big boy undies, which is fine until he wets the floor, and I just don't know what to do. Oh Yeah, The really funny part is that he is totally dry every morning, figure that one out!.


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Kandi - posted on 11/04/2009




What i finally had to do was put my daughter in big girl panties, there were several, several accidents but after 1 week of constintally wetting her pants she started going w/out reluctance and now tells me on her own. she is 2 1/2

Tina - posted on 11/04/2009




First good luck ;) My son I had a hard time. I alos used the pull ups and my husband showed him how to go like a "big boy". I kept asking him if he had to go, and just went at various times just in case. I made a chart (something you can find on Kandoo website or even pampers/huggies websit) I got sticekrs(or even stamps will work) Everytime he went to the bathroom he got a sticekr for the chart AND for him!! If I saw he was goign most of the day without an accident, I gave him a candy or something else he really likes.(or we made cookies or something fun) Also when I saw that for the day he went to the bathroom ALL day long with out accidents, I took him to Toys R Us and let him pick out a toy car (only $1) then i told him that he will get another one after three days of no accidents. Then a week, then two weeks, and so on. He wanted a car so bad he WANTED to go but i did find I HAD to remind him A LOT!!! It will take a few trys, but after the does go, make sure you do a "potty-dance" like jumping up and down sing a little song (make it up) and be reall excited!!! Another thing that helped me as well, was I told him he HAD to go potty like a big by in order to go to school..they don't allow babies there...that worked wonders for me!! Oh also, make sure you both look at the chart right before bed and tell him what a wonderful day he had or if it was a "bad" potty day, that you can try again tomorrow to try and get a car. Him seeing how good he did was a good thing for him to see...it actaully lays it all out. BUt, if that does not work, then wait a month or so and maybe get a Elmo potty vidoe or something and try again in a month or two. Don't rush, he will just regress even more and fight you more. When he is ready it will happen!! Good luck!!!

Amanda - posted on 11/04/2009




the only way i got my son to potty train was to let him b a "man" and potty outside once he saw the fun of pottying on trees tires and fences the toilet was a breeze with the cherios let him put them in or if he knows his colors get fruitloops and tell him what color to aim 4 but draging him never works good luck

Katelyn - posted on 11/04/2009




My aunt told me to just Balls it ... put underwear on and hope for the best . pull up's didn't work for my daughter that cold sensation was easy to ignore... i put underwear on her and she had a few accidents like 3 tops and that was it... the sensation of being wet is not pleasant ... she wore underwear during the day all day until she got that part down pat and everytime she went to the bathroom we would have a potty dance after (no bribes). i had still put a diaper on at night for the first little while until i realize she woke up with a dry diaper every morning soo the diapers were gone! you just have to make sure that he goes potty before bed and as soon as he wakes up No matter what even if he says he doesn't have to go Make him try. Also bed time routine helped a lot even now she is 3 yrs old and completely potty trained our bed time routine is story, potty, Round the garden poem, and prayer every night the same thing... my thing right now is getting her to wipe her own bum and wash her hand all by her self! hehehe
i hope this helps

Eileen - posted on 11/04/2009




Sounds to me like he's just looking for control. He wants to do it when he's ready to, and thats how is should be. I'm guessing there ahs been a lot of recent change for him, or maybe he's jealous fo the young one, something has him upset. Pushing him to use the toilet in this situation will only lead to more stress.

I suggest, ease off. Make a big , i mean big fuss when he does choose to go! If he's dry in the morning, nicely suggest " WOW youve been dry all night! way to go! you must really have to pee, hurry to the bathroom! " or somthing , but thats it. Leave it at that and see what happens.

I really don't think treats are a good reward for toileting. I think of it this way, its a necessary skill . like eating, walking etc... kep the treats for other accomplishments, like tidying up toys on his own, or really good behaviour at the store. or things like that. They will have more meaning to him, and make sense.

His esteem, along with Your praise and pride should be enough to motivate him to do well on the toilet.

I rewarded my oldest son for the first day dry with a trip to the store to choose his own big boy underwear(spiderman underoos won !) he's 9 now,and still remembers that day! (he was only 27 months!)

Also, I suggest, do away with the pullups. All together. If it feels like a diaper, it will be used as a diaper. Put him in regular underwear, with a plastic cover or wool if necessary, and stock up on laundry detergent. He needs to feel ALL THE TIME, how it feels when he does wet in big boy clothes.

Rest assured mom, when he's ready it will happen. And when it does, be ready to celebrate! There is no right or wrong age for toilet training, each of us is individual.

Best of luck!

Kamie - posted on 11/04/2009




Well it sounds like he is ready, but little sister maybe making it difficult. I know some people will say no, but its hard being a big brother. I have a four year old that lives part time at his fathers and part time at my house. He was refusing to be potty trained at my house! Then when I found out I was having another child, I told my son "Parker you are going to have to be a big boy now, Mommy wont be able to afford diapers for two babies. If you start to potty train Mommy WILL buy you finger paints but you have to poop and pee on the potty all the time for one week first." At the moment he said I have to go potty (We were in K-mart) and we went back he pooped I bought the finger paints, and he's only had accidents from being sick since that moment. He was a little over three at the time. So you may want to start potty training your daughter at this time too, make it an entire family thing. Don't make it a competition, but use them against each other. Did he start preschool or daycare? If he wants to tell him he has to be potty trained, maybe let him see a daycare/preschool and all the activities they do, the fun they have or all the friends he could have. let him see what it will be like to BE A BIG BOY, it's not just about the underware. I wish I could help more, but EVERY child is different.

April - posted on 11/03/2009




I have potty trained 2 boys within the last 3 years this is how i did it. I made a chart 1 line for #1, 1 line for #2 (but called it what we call it at home) the chart was divided into rows with at least 5 boxes they could put a sticker in each time they went after they filled up their row they got their favorite treat or a little bit of it. I also drew the pic of this treat on their chart. I did "potty training boot camp" where for 3 days it was our main priority and no pull ups or diapers were allowed, and it worked. Pull-ups seemed to delay the potty training process for my boys for some reason. About the mess, it's just part of the process. I know your buzy with him and the 21 month old but u can do it! Also, I hear girls r eazier to train than boys, she might she him go and start doing the same thing!! Then no more diapers!!! I will be training my 17 month old daughter in a few months. Most importantly, I have learned they do it on their own time. My oldest was about the same as your son when he trained, the second was 2.

Sarah - posted on 11/03/2009




I would say stop using pull-ups even if he wets the floor. I think that is part of the process of training. Letting them feel how it feels to be wet or dirty lets them know how it feels and realize that they don't like it. I would say as long as he understands the process then do the underwear during the day. Have the potty chair out where he is at so it is easy access and also reminds him. I usually first start by having them sit and try about every hour. As they start to get more consistant then I will ask every hour if they have to go, but only have them try if they have not gone for awhile. I will always have them go when they first get up in the AM, right before they lay down for a nap, right after their nap, right before bath, and right before bed. As they start getting better I also move the potty chair from where he is to the bathroom. I think the big thing is to get rid of the pull-ups. I find that kids treat them just like diapers. I liked the pull-ups for use at nighttime, that was the only time I would use them.

Caryn - posted on 11/03/2009




He's probably NOT ready. Some kids, especially boys, train later than others. With you dragging him to the bathroom you are just delaying him wanting to learn. Leave him alone about it and in time he will be ready to learn.

Potty training is a BIG test of patience :)

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