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Diana - posted on 01/06/2010 ( 5 moms have responded )




I potty training my two year old it's hard. She know what she is doing, she pee and boo boo in the pullup then tell me she went potty our i put on under wear on her sometimes and she stay dry for about two three hour then pee and other thing she does is hold the pee and the boo while she on the potty.I keep there about half hour to and hour at times she just not getting it she tells me ok mommy i use the potty. Don't know what else to do HELP ME!!!!


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Diana - posted on 01/07/2010




Thanks for the help guys i will try everything you guys said. I just hope she be potty train by the summer our even before that. I just think she getting to use to the pullups. One mor questions should i move the potty back in the bathroom instead of the livingroom?

Princess - posted on 01/06/2010




Your not alone, my 3 year old know the pot she uses it when she wants, she sees her baby sister wearin pampers so she thinks its ok to wear pullups, she tells us when she needs her butt changed and everything and she have her days when she want to use the pot, i put her on there everyday....wat else can i do??

Amy - posted on 01/06/2010




reward system did nothing for us. she started peeing in the potty at certain times - waking, before naps and bed, before/after shower - she was 2 1/2. just to start a routine. we kept pull ups on her all the time. one day i told her we didn't have money for pullups anymore so we could only use them at bedtime and naps. so that was the only time she peed/pooed herself -hm....right?. on her 3rd birthday my husband just said - big girls don't pee or poop themselves. got her a stool to get up to and sit on the potty with no kid seat or anything [his philosophy was, there aren't tiny toddler seats at the grocery store], bought her pretty panties and said, here you go. don't pee your bed, that's icky to sleep on [she had no idea we'd change her sheets for her] and don't pee on Cinderella, she doesn't like it. so she just made up her own mind that she was 3 now and uses the potty. she has only had a few accidents and they were when she wa really tired and once when grandma gave her juice after juice and it was a fast poo - she made half of it in the potty. pretty much, if you push them to do it, they push back and won't. if you just leave it there and say, you can do this if you want all by yourself. if you need help wiping, call me - it's so much less stressful. she only had accidents in her panties the first week - three times, once at nite - and she hated accidents in her panties. only reward i gave her was a "yay, good job. wanna flush it yourself?"

i'm sure we'll still have a few stray accidents, but we're panties all the time and she no longer gets so wrapped up in playing that she "Forgets" to go like when she was younger.

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with my girls, i brought the potty out and let them get used to seeing it, before long they wanted to sit on it before and after baths and if the were in the bathroom with me when i went. at this point i would put panties on them during the day and pull ups for bed time and going out. if i felt i was cleaning to many mess and they weren't ready i kept the pull ups on and tried the panties again in a few weeks. i have never pushed my girls or forced them to sit there endlessly, there is no point in it, they will learn when they are ready, just gentle encouragement and little rewards.my oldest was out of pull ups a couple of weeks after her 3rd b-day( she was ready way earlier but we were moving acrossed the country and i wanted her to be comfortable in pull ups on the plane, i knew she wouldn't use airplane/port bathrooms) she had been dry, day and night, by 2.5 years. my middle DD was fully trained, day and night, by 2 years.i'll be bring out the potty again here in about 5 months when my youngest turns 18 months. good luck!

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She may not be ready yet... But with my 3 children, I "rewarded" them with cheap toys from the dollar store every time they used the potty and potty training was over in a month!!!

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