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Kristi - posted on 05/14/2012 ( 1 mom has responded )




My daughter will be 3 on July 28th and I have just Potty trained her. I was trying on and off for months and it was hit or miss with her. I had her in Pull Ups instead of regular diapers but honestly pull-ups are glorified diapers. I had read an article one day that was in the NYTimes about Potty training. They were talking about the "naked" method. basically the article said it will happen in 3 days. As a SAHM I had the time and I thought what the hell. Traditional method isnt working. lol You keep your child naked for those 3 days. Since it was chilly I would only have her naked from the waist down. I had a little potty chair for her and what you do is keep it in the room that the child is most in and tell them that when they have to potty or poop to sit on the potty and go. Either they will sit and go or urinate or poop and they wont like the way it feels running down their legs. Day 1 I had the potty in the living room and she sat on it all day with NO accidents. Day 2 I did the same but I had her in panties so she could get used to pulling them down when she had to go. NO accidents on that day either. Day 3 I had her fully clothed and put the little potty away and had her sit on the big toilet in the bathroom with her Disney Fairies seat. NO accidents that day. At night I still put her in the nighttime pull ups just to get rid of them. I stop all liquids by 8 p.m. She has woken up dry all but one day. As soon as her nighttime pull ups are gone she will be sleeping in her panties. It will be 2 weeks this Thursday that she is Potty Trained and let me tell you so far in the alomost 3 years I have been a parent this has been the hardest most frustrating thing to get through. Dont get me wrong there have been a few accidents where she hasnt made it to he bathroom in time but I reassure her its ok and that accidents do happen. Every once in a while we still give her a special treat for being potty trained. She is so proud of herself that she Tells anyone and everyone who talks to her lol


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I have started potty training last week with no diapers, naked from waist down, and I am so frustrated. We are going on day 3 tomorrow with underwear this time and no diapers except at night. He is ok with peeing on himself and poop. I don't get it. I try to rush him to the potty,but doesn't like to go. So no TV or iPad until he goes to potty. He can watch iPad Netflix on potty and that is it. So after 40 minutes, he peed today in potty( toilet with kid seat). So I guess I should stick to that method. Leave on potty until he goes in the morning and after he eats. It just is hard because each day he doesn't want to listen so far. He just turned 3 in April. Congratulations on potty training your little girl. Did you have her practice pulling up her underwear? I am thinking he just needs to go through practice drills. I am not sure. We are trying to figure it out (hubby and I).

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