Potty Training a 2 Year old.

Ann - posted on 09/25/2013 ( 4 moms have responded )




Hello! So, this week I've decided to try and start potty training my 2 year old (well she's almost 2) I've been letting her sit on it after bath time before bed just to get her comfortable with sitting on it and being on the toilet, and she's only peed no poop. But was just curious as to how others did with potty training their child this young? I've had other family members call me out on this and say that its just stupid and a silly thing to be doing wasting my time trying to potty train a 2 year old. Which obviously makes me doubt myself and my own child in this matter, am I stupid for trying so early? And is their a certain schedule that best works? Today I did an hour in the morning and afternoon and every 15 minutes within that hour i sat her on the potty. She enjoys it, and she does pee and I give her "potty" treats for going and tell her she did a good job, and there's been a couple times where shes gone to the bathroom door and actually wanted to go sit on the potty. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)


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I always say follow the child's lead. It is the child's thing to accomplish and not the parents, so if the child wants to do it then follow that. If they are not wanting to then don't push. Each child is going to be different. Some are ready to train around 2 yrs and others not until they are 3 yrs old. Some kids get it right away where others it is a VERY long process.....taking a year or longer. If she is enjoying it then it is not a problem. Realize that it might be a long process and be ok with that.


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Erica - posted on 09/29/2013




Your her mother, so you know what she can and cannot handle. I started potty training my oldest at 13 months, and was completely adjusted by 16 months. However don't use that as a guide, because she is a little genius. I used Reese's pieces. I also learned that girls are faster learnes than boys when it comes to this area. My youngest I started when I was tired of changing poopy diapers.

Take her to the potty when you go to the potty, let her see you doing it, this way she knows it's okay, put your self on a schedule with her. Make sure you reward her when she does go. Even if she pushes out a drop of pee pee. Reward her, this will encourage her to go on the potty and not on herself. She will even try to go, when she doesn't have to.

Also remember at night, that you have to wake up and sit her on the potty. Most parents do not like to break sleep for this; However, if you want her fully trained you will have to get her use to waking up to go potty. A lack of sleep for 2 months will be worth the reward of a life time.

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you are not stupid for starting her this young! I started potty training my daughter around 18 months (introduced the potty around 6 months but wasn't adamant about losing the diapers before walking) and at 23 months old she uses the potty during the day wears panties. I think your daughter is showing signs of wanting to learn so go for it!!!
we used that ladies' layout for potty training. some steps were extended until I felt comfortable with her success. I also noticed that panties, not the thicker padded underwear stuff, helped her learn faster how to keep her pants dry. the padded pants were a waste of money for us. m&ms were used as a prize for pottying (1 for pee 2 for poo) success in the beginning.
good luck and you and your daughter can do this, haters gonna hate but that's 1-2 years less of diaper buying for you! go for it! :)

Rachel - posted on 09/26/2013




An hour? That's a long time to have her in the bathroom.
If she's not bothered by it, it's not an issue. Some kids train younger and others train later (like my two youngest boys)
You do what you want with your child. As long as you're not forcing her to go or making her feel bad if she doesn't, then go for it.
I always gave my boys 1 m&m for trying 3 for pee and 5 for poop. They enjoyed it.

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