Potty training a 21month old?

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My son is about to turn 21 months and he never wants to wear his diaper. He is constantly pulling it off and running around. He has no problem sitting on the potty but most of the time doesnt do anything. I want to start potty training him bc I feel like hes ready but is he too young? His doctor said that since he tells me when he poops in his diaper he knows what he is suppose to do. Well we are moving in 3 weeks and i dont want to get started and then have to move him and be potty training during vacation for a month. What should I do? and are there any other moms that have started potty training this young? PLEASE HELP!!!


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I agree with Keri. My son was completely trained by 19 months. We had to fly home after his third week in training pants, so I bought diapers just in case. Ended up having to give them all away :) One of the big things I suggest is actual training pants, not Pull-Ups, not diapers at night. I did this with both my son and my daughter, with great success. Good luck.

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If he's ready, he's ready. You may want to wait until the move is complete because you won't want him to regress when he has to get used to a new environment. My son would tell us he went poop or pee in his diaper long before he was fully potty trained. That's because he started feeling it and didn't want to sit around in a dirty or wet diaper. Our son also went through periods of wanting to go on the potty and not wanting to - or he'd do it when not at home (out to dinner, at preschool, at the grandparents' house). Give it a try, but you will likely want to wait until after the move.

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You're welcome. Look forward to your success in potty-training your son. :)

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Hi there! My daughter has just turned 21 months old. She is already day-time toilet trained but may still have accidents peeing on the floor from time to time.

From the books I have read, from 18 months up, the child is indeed able to become toilet trained when he/ she's ready. However, the experts always encourage to hold off till 24months old.

Anyway, I got my daughter day-time trained (with some accidents occasionally) at 18 month plus.

It seems like your child is ready since he is aware of his body excretions. Just that he is perhaps active, naturally being a boy.

As you are moving house, I think it is a good idea to wait till you have shifted and settled down.

This is what I did with my girl - you might like to try (after you have moved)

1) Without pressure, I allowed my child to see me pee or poo. (they usually like to imitate your behaviour and follow wherever you go, hence it is a good chance). Perhaps, in your case, your hubby can also help as your child is a boy.
2) Whenever she pees on floor, I make the sound "shhhh" and tell her it is her urine. Gently I told her, like mama, urine must go into the bowl. When you are ready, I will take you there.

3) As time passed (weeks or months), I introduced the potty and the toilet bowl to her (with toilet seat on or simply holding her while she sits on bowl). The minute she struggles and wants to come off it, I take her off and repeats to her, "pee and poo go into toilet bowl, like you saw what mama did"

3) If she did not struggle, I will tell her "shhhhhh" to pee. After sometime, she got it and peed! I asked her to look down and see her pee while she was peeing. Then I praised her for it and got her to flush the bowl with me.

4) I repeat the steps I do above. And for a particular week, I became quite intensive - in the sense that I was very observant and watch carefully when she was about to pee. Alternatively, I will take her to pee 10-15 min after meals and after she wakes up from naps (remove diapers and go diaperless but with shorts on)

5) She got the hint and after a week, she could pee into the bowl. When I am busy cooking and she tells me she wants to pee / poo, sometimes I will let her sit on her potty and do so. Then we clear her mess together and dispose of her excretions into the bowl and flush the bowl together.

6) Also, I read the book "Too big for diapers" Sesame street and got her to identify with the character Ernie whenever she has accidents
7) Also, when she gets restless while trying to poo, which takes a while, I will accompany and sing nursery rhymes with her or get her to read some books. When I first started with her, she loved taking her electronic interactive book of nursery rhymes which sings when she presses a button.

Hope it helps!


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