Potty training an older sibling! Help please!!!

Sharol - posted on 04/24/2010 ( 3 moms have responded )




Alright Moms, I have a 2 1/2 year old that will be 3 in September and is still not potty trained. We just had a baby in February, and our oldest daughter had been going in the potty until our other daughter was born. We have tried EVERYTHING it seems like and nothing works, besides letting her run around naked which we do while at home, but I want to break free from this. Willing to take any suggestions from any of you moms who have more then one child. Please and thank you!


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My oldest daughter will be 3 in june. she was ALMOST fully trained (wore diapers but wouldnt wet them and would tell us when she had to go) until her sister came home in September. This "regression" is VERY common among toddlers because potty training is the one true thing they control (so when big transitions occur, they "regress"). My daughter loved Incredibles at the time so we went on a mission to find panties to match (although we couldnt find any... we let her pick her own panties!). She loved having the responsibility of picking her own. I actually don't believe in monentary rewards b/c once she is fully trained she may look to the $ and you wont want to keep giving it and she might regress again! (just my personal opinion). We also got cheap potty seats for both our bathrooms and potty step so she can go all on her own without assistance. Maybe buy some fun pump soap that is ONLY hers so she feels special? Let her help change the baby's diaper and talk about how she WAS a baby and wore a diaper but now she's a big girl and can use the big girl potty. Tell her that mommy was a baby and used to wear diapers but big now, etc... Definitely don't make a big deal about her NOT going because she will sense your frustration... be patient... how many adults do you know that arent potty trained- haha,..it will come with time... need any more suggestions, let me know (i used to potty train my toddler students ALL the time)...

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My oldest girl did not potty train until 3. I am someone who does not want to push their child into doing it b/c it causes a negitive response. I am a mother of 4, and it has worked good for me. But you know your daughter and if she was using it before the baby came, then maybe she is having some jealousy issues. I would say give her time, and if you are truely concerned then talk to your ped about it. Good luck!

Kelina - posted on 04/24/2010




Try rewarding her. Give her a nickel for her piggy bank everytime she tells you she has to go to the potty or soemthing like that. Good luck!

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